Update: Case Against Food Network Star Darnell Ferguson Moves To Grand Jury, Chef Accused Of Strangling & Threatening To Kill His Estranged Wife

Darnell Ferguson

Update: Case Against Food Network Star Darnell Ferguson Moves To Grand Jury, Chef Accused Of Strangling & Threatening To Kill His Estranged Wife

Update: (Jan. 19, 2024): It seems like TV personality Darnell “Super Chef” Ferguson’s legal troubles have just begun.

According to new reports, Prosecutors have decided to move forward with domestic violence-related criminal charges against Darnell. As previously reported, last week the Food Network star was arrested in Kentucky for allegedly breaking into the home of his estranged wife, Tatahda Ferguson, and strangling her until she passed out. During the alleged attack, it’s said that Darnell also threatened to kill Tatahda. The warrant for his arrest stated,

“When victim regained consciousness, she was on the floor and [Darnell] then ripped off the victim’s shorts, causing a scratch to victim’s upper thigh. After ripping victim’s shorts, [Darnell] demanded to see victim’s private area and told victim she was his and no one else’s.”

During a probable cause hearing on Thursday (Jan. 18), it was determined that the case against Darnell will move to a grand jury. The hearing will take place the week of Feb. 19. Darnell has continued to maintain his innocence. His attorney shared,

“Mr. Ferguson continues to maintain his complete innocence and is confident that when all the facts are made public, he will be exonerated. While today’s hearing was preliminary, a number of new details were introduced by the Louisville police that begin to paint a clear picture of the events of January 2, 2024. Right now, Mr. Ferguson is 100% focused on the well-being and safety of his family and asks that his children’s privacy be maintained.”

According to reports, Darnell has pleaded not guilty to the several charges he’s facing and is out on bail.

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Original Story: (Jan. 10, 2024): Celebrity chef Darnell ‘Super Chef’ Ferguson is facing a slew of charges after being arrested in Kentucky.

Reports state the Food Network star was booked by police on Tuesday (January 9th) and stands accused of several serious crimes.

Darnell Ferguson, who has starred in several of the Food Network’s series over the years, was reportedly processed a little before 4:00 pm yesterday by Louisville Metro PD. During his arraignment earlier today (January 10th), the 36-year-old was hit with criminal charges of burglary, strangulation, and terroristic threatening; as well as misdemeanor charges of assault, menacing, criminal mischief, and theft-receipt of a stolen credit or debit card.

Ferguson is reportedly accused of entering a woman’s home on January 2nd, whom he is said to have had a previous relationship with, and strangling her until she passed out. He also reportedly threatened to kill the unnamed woman, prompting an emergency protective order to be granted against him. It’s unconfirmed if the alleged victim is Ferguson’s wife Tatahda Ferguson, with whom he shares 8 children. It does not appear that Tatahda, who has no known social media pages, has spoken publicly on the matter at this time.

Darnell Ferguson, Wife, & Family

Ferguson’s career as a chef reportedly began in his college days when he was selected as one of 20 student chefs to cook meals for Team USA during the 2008 Olympics. Unfortunately, after the achievement, the foodie reportedly got mixed up in street life and was arrested six times on drug-related charges. In 2012, however, Ferguson reportedly made a vow to turn his life around and started a local pop-up restaurant that grew his notoriety. He later went on to open two eateries, Superchefs and Tha Drippin’ Crab in Louisville, though they have both since closed down.

In 2015, Ferguson’s career in television began after an appearance on the “Rachel Ray Show” where he spoke about his journey from jail to restaurant ownership. Since then, the TV personality has had two seasons of his own Food Network series, “SuperChef: Grudge Match,” and has appeared on three seasons of Guy Fieri’s “Tournament of Champions.” Additionally, Ferguson co-hosted season 25 of “Worst Cooks in America” which aired around this time last year.

Ferguson’s bond has been set at $10,000, and he is reportedly due back in court for the protective order on January 17th.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson