Shekina Anderson Breaks Down In Tears While Accusing T.I. & Tiny Of Paying Her ‘Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion’ Co-Star Lyrica Anderson To Slap Her: ‘These Are Facts, This What I Know!’

Shekinah Anderson, T.I., Tiny, Lyrica Anderson

Shekina Anderson Breaks Down In Tears While Accusing T.I. & Tiny Of Paying Her ‘Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion’ Co-Star Lyrica Anderson To Slap Her: ‘These Are Facts, This What I Know!’

Looks like Shekina Anderson has her speculations on why things escalated so violently between her and Lyrica Anderson.

The TV personality had a very emotional Instagram live session recently where she accused her ex bff Tiny and her husband T.I. of paying her cast mate to assault her.


During the live stream, Shekinah Anderson reflected on the unfair treatment she said she experienced while on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion. The 39-year-old was a cast member on season 3 of the VH1 series, which concluded nearly a year ago to date. After the season wrapped, Shekinah was very vocal about feeling like producers pretty much cut her out of the series because they didn’t feel she had a strong enough storyline, though she didn’t agree. The reality star was seemingly even more put off by the editing of her fight with cast member Lyrica Anderson. In case you’re unfamiliar, the two had an ongoing beef on the show that resulted in Lyrica slapping Shekinah in the face at the reunion for calling her mother a one-hit-wonder.

Shekinah suggested, however, that it wasn’t necessarily the hit that made her so angry, but the fact that producers allegedly did not air her hitting Lyrica back and whatever ensued after. Additionally, the reality star’s anger seemed to be even more fueled while sharing her belief that her former friends, married couple Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris and Clifford ‘T.I.’ Harris, (allegedly) compensated Lyrica for the attack. While speaking to her fellow reality star Momma Dee on the live video, Shekinah cried and spoke on the situation, stating:

 “You know it’s f*cked up!…that sh*t is so f*cked up!…I been on TV just as long as you have working for these networks just as long as you have, this sh*t is f*cked up!”


“Lyrica hit me in my face, cool I hit that h*e back. They take out all that sh*t and they use to promote that this b*tch hit me in my face like what? It’s just always so [f*cked] when it comes to me. Me being edited out, me being sh*tted on…man f*ck that sh*t! They got it…I get it…I ain’t got no storyline…I wish they show the best, I’m straight on them though.”

She went on to further reiterate her stance that she’s done with the show and expressed her disappointment that despite claiming to uplift Black women, producers don’t seem to care about that when it comes to her. Later in the live, Shekinah shared her theory about how T.I. and Tiny were involved in the situation. Though she used to be close friends with the Xscape member, Shekinah and Tiny fell out a few years ago amid sexual assault allegations the couple was facing. Shekinah claimed that after sticking up for the couple, social media began condemning her while T.I. and Tiny watched and didn’t come to her aid. She also added that while subsequently going through a hard time in her life, Tiny, as well as all of their mutual friends, turned their backs on her.

Since their friendship breakup, Shekinah has repeatedly stated that the couple does things like pay blogs to speak ill about her to intentionally bring her harm. Now, she said they even went as far as recruiting Lyrica to fight her on TV. She stated in the live video:

“It could be one person in the back that’s connected to T.I and Tiny and them and they they friend. Cause Lyrica d*man sure came on the show and got paid to slap me in my face…Them folks paid that h*e Lyrica to hit me…y’all wanna know the truth? Lyrica got paid to hit me in my face,”

She added:

“All y’all gotta do is read between the lines…These are facts, this is what I know!”

Despite Momma Dee advocating for T.I. and Tiny, claiming she doesn’t believe them to be “those kind of people,” Shekinah insisted that what she believes is true. It does not appear that Tiny, T.I., or Lyrica has reacted to the situation publicly at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson