Update: Supa Cent & Her Ex-Fiancé Rayzor Are In Therapy Working To Save Their Relationship Following Explosive Breakup

Supa Cent, Rayzor

Update: Supa Cent & Her Ex-Fiancé Rayzor Are In Therapy Working To Save Their Relationship Following Explosive Breakup

Update: (Jan 19, 2024): Supa Cent and her ex-fiancé Rayzor are doing what they can to salvage their relationship.

The businesswoman recently revealed that she and Rayzor are on their third session of couples therapy. While answering questions from her fans on Facebook, Supa Cent responded to someone wanting an update on where she stands with Rayzor. The fan wrote,

“Hey Supa, Are you and Ray in therapy together. If not now will ya’ll do it together eventually. I’m hoping because you guys bring out the best in each other it seems.”

Supa Cent replied,

“Yes we are. We are on session 3.”

No word just yet on whether the engagement is back on.

Original Story: (Jan 2, 2024): Social media star Supa Cent is once again a single woman.

The businesswoman recently announced that she and her fiancé Rayzor have ended their 8-month engagement and also hinted at abuse being a factor. However, she later clarified her insinuation wasn’t exactly true.

Supa Cent, Rayzor

Supa Cent, real name Raynell Steward, 35, first shared the news last week that she and Rayzor Breaux are no longer together, stating in a video:

“Imma go head on and drop this tea before somebody drop it for me. I am no longer in a relationship. I am no longer engaged,”

She added:

“I will not be friends with my ex. This was not a mutual agreement. I will not ask for privacy at this time, because I know what comes with this. I had a public relationship, so I have no problem with ya’ll speaking publicly about it. I will not be dating no time soon…You will catch me with nobody, and you will catch nobody with me.”

As we previously reported, Rayzor popped the question to Supa Cent last May after a year of dating. Though their romance did experience some turbulence, with rumors floating around that Rayzor cheated on The Crayon Case Cosmetics founder and allegedly fathered a child, they seemed to have gotten through the drama mostly unscathed. However, looking at the way they abruptly ended the relationship, things clearly weren’t going as well as the internet world believed. The Rocket X founder also took to his social media to address the split, which eventually led to Supa Cent accusing him of being abusive. In a brief statement, Rayzor wrote:

“I dodged a bullet and walked away clean… I couldn’t ask God for anything more. No dirt on my name, no scandal, no cheating , It’s nothing anyone can say bad about me besides it didn’t work out. Im at peace with my decision all smiles”

As a comment under a blog post covering the story, Supa Cent alluded to the abuse, adding:

“I wish I would have dodged them licks. Not acting like he ain’t just fight and drag me on the interstate. Whew chile. Don’t gaslight me before I spill fareal.”

The follow-up comment was enough for both of the entrepreneurs to come forward, clearing up their side of their bitter breakup. For Rayzor’s part, he uploaded an apology post dedicated to his ex, writing:

“I want to take this opportunity to address the recent incident involving Raynell and myself. I deeply regret the insensitive post I made on social media, It was thoughtless and it did not reflect the respect and love I have for her… I understand the serious nature of this incident and I want to make it clear that at no point did I physically harm my fiancée. While we did have a disagreement, Misunderstanding can occur in any relationship”

He further insisted that his relationship with Supa Cent is “very important” to him and that he’s “fighting for his family.” On the beauty mogul’s end, she did admit to exaggerating what she meant by “dodging licks,” but doubled down on her claims that the two got into a physical altercation on the highway. In a follow-up video, she stated:

“I’m like, ‘ok bet I can’t wait to get home, when I get home b*tch it’s over with.’ That’s how I felt in that moment. When Ray comment back to my post…I didn’t say ‘oh, Ray f*cked up and he this’ I said ‘let me put this tea out…we not gone be friends cause we not’ and then you double back with the, calling me a bully…did I play on words? yes…was Ray punching on me? No. I did play on words, so maybe I did over exaggerate a little bit,”

She continued:

“But did you drag me? Did we fight? Yes. Yes. I mean, let’s be real. We did”

It does not appear that Rayzor has made any further comments at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson