Dave Chappelle Calls Out Katt Williams For His Viral Interview Criticizing Other Comedians: ‘Why Are You Drawing Ugly Pictures Of Us?’

Dave Chappelle, Katt Williams

Dave Chappelle Calls Out Katt Williams For His Viral Interview Criticizing Other Comedians: ‘Why Are You Drawing Ugly Pictures Of Us?’

Looks like Dave Chappelle didn’t find anything funny about Katt Williams‘ blasting their fellow comics.

During a recent comedy show, the entertainer addressed his colleague’s appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay earlier this month, sharing his disappointment about the manner in which he used the platform.

Reportedly, Dave Chappelle was performing at comedian DeRay Davis‘ MonDERAYS event at the Hollywood Improv this past Friday (January 19th) when he gave his thoughts on the situation. He reportedly stated:

“What part of the game is this? He ethered n**gas. He didn’t say anything about any of these white boys. None of these white boys function like that,”

He added:

“Katt is one of the best painters in the game. So why are you drawing ugly pictures of us? Stop. Hurt people hurt people, but I am a hurt person that never hurt people, and he does it all the time.”

Continuing, the comedy vet gave a brief impersonation of Williams and criticized him for only speaking about the wrongdoings of their colleagues while acting as if he’s never done anything regretful. He reportedly added:

“’F**k this one, and f**k that one, and f**k this one,’…but, n**ga, I didn’t hear anything that you did wrong. He didn’t do nothin’ wrong? Katt didn’t do nothin’ wrong?… Katt was talking about s**t that n**gas did to other n**gas, but not about anything that n**gas did to him.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with the situation, Williams had his guns blazing while speaking about other entertainers during the aforementioned conversation with Sharpe. The jokester accused both Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer of being idea thieves, claiming the former ripped off the idea for his sitcom “The Steve Harvey Show” from comedian Mark Curry’s series “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper”, while alleging the latter stole of his personal best jokes. Both have gone on to directly and indirectly deny there is any truth to the allegations.

Additionally, Williams slammed comedian and radio host Ricky Smiley for claiming the role of Money Mike in the hit movie franchise “Friday” was initially suppose to go to him before it was given to Williams. The “First Sunday” star also criticized Kevin Hart, calling him an industry plant. To intensify the situation, Williams went on to subsequently sign off on Hart’s ex wife Torrei Hart to do a comedy tour with him. Though the “Ride Along” actor claimed he doesn’t mind the situation at all.

Throughout the entirety of Williams‘ interview, however, he made it perfectly clear that he feels his counterparts are overall not that talented. An opinion that Chappelle seemingly doesn’t agree he should be sharing publicly. Concluding his rant about the interview, he reportedly condemned Williams’ for seemingly trying to stop others from making a living through jokes, adding:

“Katt, listen, I f**k with Katt hard, but… DeRay, tell me, what part of the game f**ks up another n**ga’s paper? What part of the game is about telling on another n**ga?…all of us are trying to be in a better situation.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson