Drake & Meek Mill Upset After Young Thug’s Private Jail Call w/ Girlfriend Mariah the Scientist Leaks Online: ‘This Is A Top Tier Lawsuit’

Drake & Meek Mill Upset After Young Thug’s Private Jail Call w/ Girlfriend Mariah the Scientist Leaks Online: ‘This Is A Top Tier Lawsuit’

Drake and Meek Mill aren’t tolerating any Young Thug slander!

On Wednesday (Jan. 24), jailed rapper Young Thug’s private video chat with girlfriend Mariah the Scientist hit the internet.

Young Thug

In the one-minute-long clip, which (seemingly) took place on Christmas Day, Mariah the Scientist can be seen gushing into the camera about how much she misses her man, Young Thug, amid his stay behind bars.

She told the 32-year-old,

“What’s up, baby? Merry Christmas! [kiss] I love you.”

Speaking into the facility phone’s receiver, Thug followed up with:

“I love you, too, bae.”

An affectionate Mariah the Scientist later continued,

“I miss you, and I love you. Thanks for my gifts.”

Mariah the Scientist

From there, the loving couple engaged in a little back-and-forth about the expensive chains Thug gifted Mariah for Christmas.

However, while her high-end jewelry may have been a conversation piece alone, the 26-year-old expressing her desire for the Atlanta rhymer to “put it on her” and calling him “Daddy” are currently the trending topics on social media.

She uttered,

“I wish that you could be at home with me and you could put it on me.”

Toward the end of the leaked call, Mariah added:

“Daddy, am I your baby?”

The intimate context of the moment (of course) caused many opinions in the cyber world, including a couple from fellow lyricists Drake and Meek Mill.

Although most were side-eyeing Mariah’s “Daddy’s Baby” remark, some (clearly) weren’t too happy about the invasion of privacy.

Directing his sentiments to the judicial system, Drake shared,

“This gotta be some form of jail misconduct. You gonna drag this talented man [and] then not be able to control your employees using his personal business for their own gain?”


He furthered:

“Somebody benefitted from this video even existing and that’s shameful. [The] whole case is a wash just 3 the guy and let him come home and continue bringing light to Atlanta.”

Captioning a screenshot of his comment under DJ Akademiks’ post, Drake said in conclusion to the judge,

“Sh*t is disgraceful. Is this a criminal case or Atlanta social media promo, Ural Glanville?”

Assuming that someone under the law is responsible for the footage getting out, Meek Mill (additionally) encouraged Thug’s team to bring a lawsuit against the officials.

Meek Mill

He wrote in a post on X:

“This is a top tier lawsuit. Your personal call [is] not [supposed] to be on the street!”

As previously reported, in May 2022, Thug and rapper Gunna, along with 26 others, were arrested on gang-related charges.

While Gunna was (ultimately) released on an Alford plea, Thug is still fighting for his freedom.

Here’s what X had to say about it all…

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell