Update: Michael B. Jordan’s Ferrari Crash Still Under Investigation, LAPD ‘Taking Their Time’ Reviewing Incident, Insider Claims

Update: Michael B. Jordan’s Ferrari Crash Still Under Investigation, LAPD ‘Taking Their Time’ Reviewing Incident, Insider Claims

Update #3: (Jan. 25, 2024): It might be a while until we learn if Michael B. Jordan will face legal repercussions for crashing his $429,000 Ferrari into a parked vehicle.

As previously reported, In December the actor made headlines for crashing his luxury vehicle into a parked car in Hollywood, California. Shortly after the incident, an insider claimed that Jordan was “embarrassed” because he “accidentally had his foot on the gas and didn’t brake in time.”

Initially, it seemed that what occurred was an honest mistake, however, a video surfaced that appeared to show the “Creed” star street racing moments before he collided with a blue Kia. As the footage made its rounds online, news broke that the LAPD was investigating the situation.

And according to a new report from RadarOnline, authorities have no plans of sweeping the crash under the rug. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department reportedly confirmed to the publication that the investigation is ongoing and law enforcement officers are “taking their time” with the probe.

They added,

“Some things can’t be rushed.”

At this time Jordan has not been charged with a crime, however, things could change following the investigation.

Update #2: (Dec. 18, 2023): There might have been more to Michael B. Jordan’s recent car crash than the entertainer “accidentally” not breaking in time.

As previously reported, earlier this month news broke that Michael B. Jordan crashed his $429,000 Ferrari into a parked vehicle. At the time of the initial incident, it was unclear what exactly caused the accident. However, reports soon surfaced claiming that the Marvel star “accidentally had his foot on the gas and didn’t brake in time.”

A source added that Michael B. Jordan was “embarrassed” about the entire ordeal but very “happy nobody was hurt.”

It seemed like the crash was quickly on its way to being a thing of the past until video footage appeared seemingly telling a different story. Over the weekend video footage surfaced online that appears to show Jordan racing his luxury sports car moments before he crashes into a parked vehicle.

Reportedly, the LAPD is now investigating the situation. If authorities find “criminal culpability” following the investigation, Jordan could face criminal charges.


Update #1: (Dec. 11, 2023): Actor Michael B. Jordan is a little “embarrassed” about how his month started.

As previously reported, earlier this month Michael made headlines for crashing his $429,000 Ferrari into a  parked vehicle. A source close to the “Creed” star recently revealed what caused the entire ordeal and said,

“It was an actual accident. Michael was annoyed that he ruined his car, but that can get fixed. He was, and is, embarrassed about it all as he accidentally had his foot on the gas and didn’t brake in time.”

The insider continued,

“One thing lead to another and the parked car was where it was, and all the puzzle pieces just landed in an unfortunate way. He is happy nobody was hurt.”

As far as Michael’s initial reaction to the crash, the insider shared,

“Michael appeared in great spirits and showed no injuries after his accident the other day. He wasn’t feeling worse for wear and seemed to be enjoying talking to all the people who were at the event.”


Original Story: (Dec. 3, 2023): Actor Michael B. Jordan was involved in a mysterious car crash that currently has more questions than answers.

According to reports, a vehicle registered to the 36-year-old took severe damage recently after it collided with another parked vehicle on the street.

Reports state that the incident occurred around midnight earlier today (Sunday, December 3rd) in Hollywood, California. Initial reports suggested that it was unclear whether or not Michael B. Jordan was behind the car’s wheel. At the time, there were seemingly only DMV records that revealed the vehicle, which is definitely his, was involved in the accident. However, an updated report wrote that insiders familiar with the situation confirmed that the “Creed” star was at the scene when authorities arrived.

Michael B. Jordan

As far as what transpired leading up to the incident, the details still remain very vague. One report states that when police asked what happened, the film star opted not to offer an explanation. It’s also noted that a field sobriety test was not conducted on the actor. Thus, it’s assumed that the cops didn’t believe him to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Images taken from the scene show the severe damage to his blue Ferrari as well as the Kia involved.

However, it seems the actor walked away from the situation scot-free, only being required to fill out a police report. Jordan nor his reps don’t seem to have publicly commented on the incident at this time.

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