DJ Mustard Demands Sole Legal Custody Of 11-Year-Old Son As Legal Battle w/ Estranged Wife Chanel Thierry Continues

DJ Mustard Demands Sole Legal Custody Of 11-Year-Old Son As Legal Battle w/ Estranged Wife Chanel Thierry Continues

DJ Mustard and Chanel Thierry’s legal drama has made it to 2024.

For those who may need a refresher, DJ Mustard married his longtime girlfriend Chanel Thierry in 2020. They first met as teenagers and the music vet reportedly popped the big question with a half-a-million-dollar ring. However, DJ Mustard shocked many when he filed for divorce in 2022. During their time together they welcomed three children. The exact cause of the breakup is unclear but Mustard, real name Dijon McFarlane, cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split in his filing. Since their relationship came to an end, they have been going back and forth in court over assets, child support, and more.

DJ Mustard, Chanel Thierry

According to a new report from RadarOnline, Chanel Thierry and her ex are now disputing over their 11-year-old son and the school he attends. Mustard has reportedly requested that the court amend the current custody order in place and give him sole legal custody of their oldest son. At the moment, they share legal custody of the three children.

Chanel Thierry with her children

Mustard’s request was allegedly prompted by the fact that he wants their first son to switch schools. The “Perfect Ten” producer said he objected to the public school Chanel enrolled their son in because of its low rating. He suggested a different public school for their child to attend, noting suggestions from educational professionals to place the pre-teen in a private school once his grades improve.

DJ Mustard, ex-wife Chanel

However, when he informed Chanel of his thought process she was allegedly “defensive” and “refused to” listen to the advice Mustard received. According to Mustard, Chanel is “treating” the situation “like a contest that she must win at all costs, even if that cost is irreparable educational harm” to their son.

The legal filing reportedly stated,

“Since [Mustard] began searching for a private school in October of 2023, Chanel has been reflexively oppositional to any and all information or advice coming from the professionals advising him.”

Chanel Thierry

Mustard asked for sole legal custody of the child in order to make the education decisions without Chanel’s involvement. At the time of this report, it doesn’t look like the businesswoman has addressed his request.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel