Brandy’s Hairstylist Denies Rumors She Wore Lace Front Braids In The 90s: That’s A LIE


Brandy’s Hairstylist Denies Rumors She Wore Lace Front Braids In The 90s: That’s A LIE

Brandy’s hairstylist is coming to her defense amid speculation that she previously wore lace-front braid wigs in the 90s.

Chuck Amos shared throwback photos of some of Brandy’s best moments and addressed one of the biggest rumors concerning her iconic braid styles, including for the video of her Grammy-award winning single “The Boy Is Mine” featuring Monica.

He wrote that they filmed multiple endings for the legendary video, and even explained that Monica was two hours late.

“I did @Brandy’s hair for her first 2 Albums 1994-1999! I WAS THERE, on set, for #TheBoyIsMine video, shot in LA!…The call time was so early in the morning, Brandy got her makeup done, while laying down napping, by @QueenNzingha and I did her hair after that! -During “The Boy is Mine” cover shoot, shot at the 31st street studios, in NYC, @MonicaDenise, was 2hrs late!”

He ended his post with:

“…Now Let Me “Set The Record Straight”… Brandy NEVER HAD “Lace Front” Braids EVERRRR!! That is “A LIE” and a FALSE RUMOR!! I was there, FirstHand DOING her hair!”

Brandy’s previous hairstylists have come to her defense before. Deedra Cole, who helped do Brandy’s hair on “Moesha” and the Cinderella movie also shut down a woman’s claims that Brandy wore wigs. SHe previously said,

“Unica Scott, who was Brandy’s head stylist, called me in as a second stylist to assist her in servicing Brandy because of the length of time it took to complete her hair…Unica and I worked long hours to create her braids and I do not want the credit to go to people who are manufacturing lace front braided wigs.”

“I just want people to know that Brandy really did make the sacrifice to sit in that chair for long hours to get her hair braided and that I enjoyed working with her.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson