Lamar Odom Gifted New Mexico Rehab Facility By Pastor 

Lamar Odom Gifted New Mexico Rehab Facility By Pastor

Lamar Odom is paying it forward. 

The former NBA star now owns a new rehabilitation facility in New Mexico. While speaking to TMZ, Lamar Odom’s manager said the property was initially given to the athlete’s pastor, Anthony Torres, but there were funding issues. So, Anthony Torres allowed Lamar Odom to check out the property and then gifted it to him, hoping he’d transform it into a sanctuary for people battling fentanyl addiction.

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The property, previously owned by the American Legion, is now reportedly under the management of Lamar’s Odom Recovery Group. Earlier today (Feb. 26), Odom reposted a message from his Pastor Anthony Torres’ Instagram regarding the rehab center. For the caption, Torres wrote, “Looking forward to making this a reality to HELP people” and tagged Odom and his representative, Gina Rodriguez.

Odom is no stranger to opening up rehab facilities to help those struggling with addiction. He launched several Odom Wellness Treatment Centers after his nearly-fatal overdose in 2015, where he was found unresponsive at a Las Vegas brothel. At the time of the incident, according to reports, he suffered 12 seizures and six strokes, and his heart stopped twice. The harrowing ordeal led Odom to get sober. 

On TMZ Live, the two-time NBA champion recalled how he felt after the near-death experience and explained his decision to invest in the facilities. He said,

“When God had saved me from that accident, I was trying to find my purpose, and I think I may have found it. I know I have found it.”

Odom’s treatment centers are already up and running in California to help people struggling with substance abuse. His newest is just the latest business venture deeply connected to his personal story.

Odom is also a partner at a California dental office called ‘Oxy Dental.’ 

Odom played in the NBA for 15 years. Outside of sports, he appeared in episodes of the popular reality TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” during his relationship with and marriage to Khloe Kardashian from 2009 to 2016.

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Lamar Odom, Khloé Kardashian

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