Drake Trends As Public Reacts To His Recent Post Seemingly Calling For Jailed Tory Lanez To Be Released: ‘What A Loser!’

Drake Trends As Public Reacts To His Recent Post Seemingly Calling For Jailed Tory Lanez To Be Released: ‘What A Loser!’

Drake is making it known once again where he stands.

Early this morning (Feb. 26) Drake took to his Instagram Story to share a post dedicated to jailed artist Tory Lanez. The shout-out featured a black-and-white picture of Tory Lanez’s side profile, with the caption “3 you.” Many have said this is Drake’s way of advocating for Tory Lanez to be freed from prison. As previously covered, Tory has been behind bars since December 23, 2022, when he was found guilty of three felony charges in respect to shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the summer of 2020.



This isn’t the first time Drake has shown support for the fellow Canadian rapper since his 10-year sentence started. However, many have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to question the reason behind Drake’s recent post. One person noted that Drake didn’t seemingly become friends with Tory until after the “Broke In A Minute” artist was at odds with Megan Thee Stallion. They wrote,

“I don’t get it. He was even begging for a Drake feature and got aired, he shoots Meg and now they’re buddies”

Someone else with similar sentiments added,

“The way drake and Tory was beefing with each other and didn’t get cool until after he shot meg. D*ck riding a** n*gg*s”

Another person said,

“Drake’s actions are so corny. He is NOT someone I’m willing to separate from the music. All of it can go”

Others pointed out that Drake has seemingly taken multiple shots at Megan Thee Stallion unprovoked, with one X user expressing,

“So funny how Drake was subbing Meg for years with his corny a** disses & he had his lapdog come out & say “that wasn’t about Meg”. But keeps poking at her & asking that her abuser be freed from prison. What a loser!” 

You may recall that Drake was previously in the hot seat for appearing to diss Megan Thee Stallion in his 2022 song “Circo Loco,” where he raps,

“This b*tch lie ‘bout getting shot but she still a stallion / She don’t even get the joke but she still smiling.”

Later his friend and rapper Lil Yachty claimed the line wasn’t about Megan, however, many believed he was lying to help take the heat off of his bestie.

It’s unclear how the H-Town Hottie feels about Drake’s recent post showing support toward the person who was convicted of shooting her. However, she finally responded to the several shots Drake has been sending her way in her latest single “Hiss.” In the line seemingly aimed at Drake, Megan raps,

“These niggas hate on BBLs and be walking around with the same scars (aye)”

She later adds,

“Cosplay gangsters, fake a** accents Posted in another n*gg* hood like a bad b*tch”

See more reactions to Drake’s post below: 

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel