Stacey Dash Pens Open Letter, ‘How BET Lies to Black People’

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The back and forth between Stacey Dash and BET continues. As previously reported, this week, the Clueless actress turned political commentator, commented on the Oscars controversy. During the conversation, Dash noted that networks like BET shouldn’t exist, nor should award shows like the BET Awards or the Image Awards.

BET, along with Stephen G. Hill, clapped back, with a few Instagram posts.

Aww dang. I loved you in “Clueless”. I had no idea that you actually were.

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Dash has responded to BET’s Instagram commentary with a blog post, titled: How BET Lies to Black People.

Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash

See an excerpt below.

Ever since I said THIS on Fox yesterday, Black Entertainment Television has been throwing shade. They reminded me — and the rest of America — that I appeared on a show called The Game, which appeared on BET.

“Soooooo @realstaceyldash, can we get our check back… or nah?” the Instagram caption read. “#Remember #YouWereOnTheGame #AndWeDontMeanTheRapper.”

Well, here’s the thing. Thank you for reminding me, since most people have never heard of that show. Why? It’s on BET.

Quick. Name the top shows on BET.
Drawing a blank?
I think I’ve made my point.

I’m thankful for all of the acting jobs I’ve had. But I look forward to the day when people don’t self-segregate based on skin color, while loudly complaining about a segregated society.
That might be hard for the people at BET to understand, especially after I read this quote from a BET exec about the Oscars:

“It would be great if the Oscar nominees represented even closely the percentage of moviegoers who are of different ethnicities, but they don’t,” said Stephen Hill.
Wow. Apparently, Mr. Hill doesn’t understand what an Oscar is.

Oscars are awarded to the actors and actresses who excel… not the audience.
What’s next? Awarding $1 million to the guy sitting in his pajamas on the couch watching Survivor? Giving a blue ribbon to the kid who stayed home from field day? Giving a Nobel Peace Prize to a President who escalated wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?
No, that would be unreasonable.

My problem goes back to the notion that every area of life needs to break down exactly according to demographic ratios except in those areas in which black people have decided they want to have their own space. I don’t have a problem with black people having their own space. I have a problem with the folks at BET absolutely freaking out when other institutions don’t match up to what they think is best.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams