Tristan Thompson Granted Guardianship Of 17-Year-Old Brother Amari, Who Has Severe Epilepsy

Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson Granted Guardianship Of 17-Year-Old Brother Amari, Who Has Severe Epilepsy

Update (February 27): Tristan Thompson has officially been named the guardian of his 17-year-old brother, Amari, after a court granted the NBA player’s request on Monday (February 26).

Amari, who lives with a severe form of epilepsy, also inherited $103,475 from his and Tristan Thompson’s mother’s estate when she passed away in Toronto last year. Tristan Thompson said in his request he would make sure the funds aren’t misused.

Original Story (February 12): Tristan Thompson has taken another step to obtain permanent guardianship of his little brother Amari.

According to RadarOnline, the NBA star and his legal team recently headed to court to provide more information to a Los Angeles Superior judge over the custody arrangement surrounding his 17-year-old brother Amari, who suffers from epilepsy. Reportedly, the 32-year-old has been looking after his brother as his temporary guardian following the passing of their mother Andrea.

As previously reported, Tristan Thompson’s mother passed away in January from a heart attack at her Toronto home.

Tristan Thompson and his mother, Andrea

Since then, the professional basketball player has been fighting to become the permanent guardian of Amari. However, the judge asked for additional details to grant his petition.

Tristan Thompson’s initial filing reportedly read:

“Tristan has been taking care of Amari since their mother died in January of 2023. Tristan has ensured that Amari has made of all his medical appointments, has had all of his basic needs met, and has provided him with a quality of life that none of Amari’s other living relatives can meet.”

According to Tristan, their mother has arranged for Amari to inherit $114,000 — which he plans to invest for his brother. Additionally, as his caretaker, the Cleveland Cavalier said he would enroll Amari in school, make sure his healthcare was in order, and he would be able to accompany him internationally.

Tristan Thompson with his mother and siblings

In the new paperwork, Tristan presented the court with documentation of the relationship between him and his estranged father, Trevor Thompson. In the recent filing, Tristan requested that he be appointed as permanent guardian without his father showing up to court.

Tristan said he has zero contact with his father and doesn’t know of his whereabouts to serve him with notice of the hearing for guardianship. He also said he hired a legal professional to locate his father, but the attempt was unsuccessful. However, Tristan noted it would be “contrary to the interests of justice” if Trevor Thompson was aware of the hearing.

In his declaration to the court, Tristan said,

“Trevor Thompson, a Canadian citizen, is my father and the father of my minor brother, Amari. Amari and I have not had any contact with him since his separation from our late mother in 2014, and contact was minimal prior to that date.”

Tristan also said in his petition that their father “abandoned” Amari after their mother obtained sole custody of the minor in July 2014, in addition to failing to pay any child support.

“[Trevor] has done nothing to support or raise the proposed ward since then and has relinquished all rights to have any say in the proposed ward’s care.”

Tristan added,

“My only contact with Trevor Thompson in the past nine years was a brief interaction when he appeared at my mother’s funeral. I have no knowledge of his current or recent whereabouts.”

Tristan Thompson

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely