Ayesha & Steph Curry To Provide 1 Million Meals To Help Oakland Kids Affected By School Closures

Ayesha & Steph Curry

Ayesha & Steph Curry To Provide 1 Million Meals To Help Oakland Kids Affected by School Closures

With the entire NBA season is suspended, Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha Curry are teaming up along with Curry’s Golden State Warriors organization to provide more than 1 million meals to students in Oakland who cannot attend schools due to coronavirus shutdowns.

In a video released on Friday (March 13th), the couple made the touching announcement. Their foundation will work with the Alameda County Community Food Bank and Oakland Unified School District on the initiative. Curry says,

“We know the world is changing before our eyes in terms of dealing with the spread of coronavirus and we just found out that the Oakland Unified School District is closing the doors for the foreseeable future, so we want to intercede on behalf of the kids that rely on the daily services and try to help anyway we can.”

Together, the Curry’s goal is to reach 1 million meals for these students in the local Bay Area. Ayesha states:

“The statistics are really staggering. At least 18,000 kids rely on at least two meals a day from the school system, so we want to make sure that we rally around everyone and ensure that these kids are not wondering where their next meal is coming from.”

The Curry’s share their holiday Christmas photo.

She adds,

“So we’re asking you to rally with us. We’re working with the Alameda food bank and the Oakland Unified School District to make sure that kids are getting their meals.”

Curry and the rest of his Warriors have also pledged a $1 million donation to a disaster relief fund for Chase Center employees who won’t be working games due to the suspension of the NBA season over the coronavirus spread.

As previously reported, he joins an elite group of selfless professional players who have stepped up for their city in the face of COVID-19 pandemic. Other notable players taking action include the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love, Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo and New Orleans’ Zion Williamson .

Kudos to Steph and Ayesha! 



Authored by: Gregory Molette