Natania Reuben, Shooting Victim In 1999 Club Incident, Alleges Diddy Was The One Who Shot Her: ‘I Watched Him Fire The Gun, I’ve Said It All This Time!’

Natania Reuben, Shooting Victim In 1999 Club Incident, Alleges Diddy Was The One Who Shot Her: ‘I Watched Him Fire The Gun, I’ve Said It All This Time!’

Natania Reuben, the victim in the infamous club shooting involving Diddy and rapper Shyne is opening up about the incident once again.

In December 1999, Natania Reuben sustained a gunshot wound to the face during an altercation involving Diddy and another man. The fight reportedly occurred at a club in New York. She has spoken out before concerning the incident and on Thursday (February 29) a video was posted on X  (formerly Twitter) that showed her publicly addressing the matter once more.

Shyne, Diddy

In the video, Natania Reuben seems to be responding to Lil Rod’s lawsuit against Diddy. She pointed out that the filing provides further insight into what truly happened on the night she was shot.

Reuben said that in Lil Rod’s lawsuit,

“He said something very specific. As a means of threatening him, Puffy said, ‘That’s why I shot up the club in New York back in 1999 and let Shyne take the fall for it.'”

She continued,

“Let me tell you why that’s of utmost importance to me: Because I am the woman who he shot in the face in that December 27, 1999 Club New York shooting.”

Reuben emphatically said she’s always said Diddy was the one responsible for shooting her, adding,

“I literally have told everyone and never changed what I said. I watched him. I got pow-pow’d in the face. I watched him fire the gun. I’ve said it all this time!”

Reuben also mentioned that the surgeon who removed the bullet fragments from her face testified that he recalled the words she yelled just before she went in for the surgery.

“Puffy pew-pew’d me in the face! He testified in the criminal trial. It is in the record. They all knew he did it. Everybody knew he did it.”

As you may remember the rapper, formerly known as Puffy, was exiting Club New York alongside his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez when he ran into Matthew “Scar” Allen, who reportedly pushed Diddy, leading to a heated altercation and gunfire. Shortly after, Diddy and Jennifer Lopez were apprehended for leaving the scene in a Lincoln Navigator with a firearm. Although charges against Jennifer Lopez were swiftly dismissed, Diddy and Shyne faced legal proceedings for weapon violations and additional charges.

Assisted by his formidable legal team, Diddy was cleared of all charges. Shyne, on the other hand, received a 10-year prison sentence for two counts of assault, reckless endangerment, and possession of a firearm.

A civil lawsuit from the three victims in this matter lingered until 2011. Reuben settled for $1.8 million, while the other victims received payments of $500,000 and $50,000.

In Reuben’s conclusive video Thursday, she opened up about being cyber-bullied by Diddy’s fans as well as having her tires flattened repeatedly. She claimed that she has been the victim of harassment ever since the night of the shooting saying,

“Not only did he pew-pew me in the face, he also set off a course of harassment against me for the past 24 years.”

Nevertheless, Reuben seems determined to continue to speak out about what has happened to her. While making it clear that she looks forward to Diddy facing the consequences of his alleged criminal actions, she sent the music mogul a stern message saying,

“You see this RICO charge that’s about to come? The conspiring and pew-pewing up the club and ruining my life… As God is my witness, I will not stop until you suffer every single iota of punishment, until I have every second of recompence that you took from me.”

She added,

“I will not stop until you pay the price for what you did to my life.”

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Authored by: Candice O