Quincy Promes, Dutch Soccer Sensation, Detained At Dubai Airport Weeks After Receiving 6-Year Prison Sentence For Smuggling Cocaine

Quincy Promes

Quincy Promes, Dutch Soccer Sensation, Detained At Dubai Airport Weeks After Receiving 6-Year Prison Sentence For Smuggling Cocaine

Dutch soccer player, Quincy Promes has been facing a string of legal issues lately.

According to reports, Quincy Promes, previously a star player for Ajax and now representing Spartak Moscow, is reportedly being held by Dubai police following a training session. This comes in the wake of a recent six-year jail term for drug trafficking. He was halted at border control, barring him from returning to Russia alongside his teammates. (He is still playing the sport despite his recent sentencing.)

Quincy Promes  

On Feb. 14, he received a six-year prison sentence in the Netherlands for his involvement in smuggling over 1,350 kilos of cocaine in Antwerp in January 2020.

In June 2023, the Dutch footballer was sentenced to 18 months in prison for stabbing his cousin in the leg. The Netherlands’ Public Prosecution Service was reportedly unaware of Quincy Promes’ detention initially.

Reports say that there are suspicions in Russia that Promes‘ detainment by Dubai police is linked to his criminal conviction, although this remains unconfirmed. Promes was charged in May 2023 for his alleged involvement in smuggling cocaine, intercepted in Antwerp in January 2020.

He and a 32-year-old co-suspect were found guilty by the Public Prosecution Service of various drug-related charges. It is alleged that the cocaine was concealed in a shipment of sea salt from Brazil, transported in two containers to Antwerp.

Further reports suggest that the former Ajax winger failed to appear for the trial, thus never making a statement about the charges against him.

According to reports, the prosecutors in Promes‘ case spoke out in response to the soccer player’s persistent absence in court saying,

“‘He seems to think he is untouchable in Russia or abroad.”

The prosecutors also expressed a deep curiosity regarding Promes‘ brazen involvement in criminal activity despite being a high-profile professional athlete. They reportedly wondered “how such a successful footballer allowed himself to be drawn so deeply into crime.” They also accused Promes of “normalizing and almost romanticizing the cocaine trade.”

Promes, who plays for Russian club Spartak Moscow, was arrested in December 2020 regarding a stabbing incident that occurred in July of that year. The court found charges of assault proven against Promes, but not attempted murder or manslaughter.

The stabbing reportedly took place at a family party in Abcoude following an argument over a stolen necklace. At the time of the incident, Promes was playing for Ajax in the Netherlands but transferred to Spartak in February 2021.

Promes joins what appears to be a growing list of sports figures who have recently been forced to confront their legal troubles. Ex-NFL player, Richard Sherman was recently detained and faced charges of suspected driving under the influence. Rajon Rondo, a former NBA player, has reportedly been fighting a gun charge. You can also add NBA legend Scottie Pippen to that list, as an ex-girlfriend of his filed a lawsuit this week accusing him of sexual assault and harassment.

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Authored by: Candice O