Jess Hilarious Regrets Joking About Chadwick Boseman’s Appearance Before His Death: I Was Canceled

Jess Hilarious, Chadwick Boseman

Jess Hilarious Regrets Joking About Chadwick Boseman’s Appearance Before His Death: I Was Canceled

Comedian Jess Hilarious is opening up about her single career regret.

During a recent interview, the social media star shared how previously joking about Chadwick Boseman’s appearance prior to his passing made her reconsider certain aspects of her profession.

Jess Hilarious, real name Jessica Moore, 32, spoke about the topic while sitting down for a conversation on The Pivot podcast. After one of the show’s hosts asked her thoughts on how comedians sometimes use people’s trauma in their material, the internet personality explained her own personal experience with the matter. She stated:

“I’ve only regretted one thing through my whole career…I was gone stop doing Jess With The Mess because all I do is riff on people, that’s my thing. And I remember Chadwick Boseman had dropped a video shortly before he passed and I thought he was training for a movie,”

She continued:

“He had posted, he was telling people to stay inside and I had said you know like ‘you need to stay inside’ or something like that, it was a joke…of course I didn’t know anything about his cancer…I riffed on him, not anything crazy I just put him in Jess With The Mess and everybody thought it was funny and cool. Even myself, until he passed and then; I don’t even care how people looked at me, how I looked at myself was crazy,”

Jess clarified that the moment never had her thinking about quitting comedy all together, but did cause her to come to a revelation about “changing the way I move.” The comic went on to reiterate, however, that she did continue contemplating whether or not she’d continue doing her internet segments, Jess With The Mess where she makes jokes about things happening in pop culture. She stated:

“You don’t know what the hell people are going through…I just looked at him as a great actor so I’m like ‘yo this n*gga really getting into whatever role…” that wasn’t the case that time…it took me a minute to bounce back from that.”

The jokester added that while grappling with the weight of her own actions, she only got heavier after getting online to see the internet ripping her to shreds, continuing in the interview:

“I was receiving hate and I was cancelled and…I was like ‘I deserve all of that’, but I didn’t know. And then he was so unproblematic…he just did his thing…and um, he passed and left a great legacy and that’s the only thing I regret.”

As you may recall, Chadwick Boseman suddenly passed away back in August of 2020 following a private battle with cancer. Many were shocked by the news as the entertainer only revealed his condition to family and certain loves ones. The tragedy came on the heels of Boseman’s biggest role of his career, starring as T’Challa in Marvel’s record breaking film The Black Panther (2018).

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Chadwick Boseman

Boseman was survived by his wife Taylor Simone Ledward Boseman, as well as a community of co-stars and fans who adored him. His legacy also stands to be one of the most iconic of decade. The actor has portrayed several notable Black figures in their biopics, including starring as Jackie Robinson in the film 42 (2013), James Brown in Get On Up (2014), and famed Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall in Marshall (2017).

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Authored by: Kay Johnson