Jess Hilarious Tells DJ Envy To ‘Shut Up’ After He Says SZA Is This Generation’s Mary J. Blige: ‘I Know Artists Be Pissed When Old Heads Do This’


Jess Hilarious, DJ Envy, SZA, Mary J. Blige

Jess Hilarious Tells DJ Envy To ‘Shut Up’ After He Says SZA Is This Generation’s Mary J. Blige: ‘I Know Artists Be Pissed When Old Heads Do This’

Is there drama brewing between Jess Hilarious and famed radio hosts DJ Envy and Charlamagne tha God?

Earlier today (Jan. 23) Jess Hilarious took to her Instagram Stories and strongly expressed that she doesn’t agree with DJ Envy and Charlamagne tha God’s opinions about SZA. During a recent episode of their morning radio show “The Breakfast Club,” the media personalities gave SZA her flowers as DJ Envy seemingly compared her to R&B legend Mary J. Blige.

The now-viral conversation kicked off with Charlamagne tha God questioning,

“Do we appreciate SZA as an artist the way we should?”

As Envy adamantly said “Yes,” Charlamagne tha God continued,

“Like, do we really? I mean she gets all the radio play and stuff like that but I feel she could get more awards, which I’m sure she will. Grammys is next month, so she’ll get those accolades.”

charlamagne tha god, dj envy

DJ Envy weighed in with his thoughts, sharing that although SZA’s music is “all over the radio” and highly streamed, she’s not respected and supported as she should be. He added,

“She is this generation’s Mary [J. Blige].”

The comparison comment rubbed some people the wrong way, including “The Breakfast Club” former guest co-host, Jess Hilarious. As previously reported, In December Jess claimed she was selected to be the third permanent co-host of “The Breakfast Club.” However, she has yet to appear on the radio show this year, prompting speculation that she jumped the gun on the announcement.

Her latest statement has only added to the suspicion that something went south with her rumored contract.

The comedian posted a clip of what Envy said about SZA and added over the footage,

“These N*gg*s trash. Envy shut up! I know artists be pissed when old heads do this bc now everybody negatively comparing SZA to MJB and it ain’t even her fault! She has her own identity already.”

DJ Envy hasn’t replied directly to Jess, but he did respond to others who criticized him. During today’s episode of his radio series, he said,

“I don’t care about the comments, this is my opinion. But just like Lebron James, people say Lebron James is this era’s Michael Jordan. …what Michael Jordan means to me is what Lebron means to my son.”

He added,

“Even with SZA, the way SZA is as far as soulful, the way she connects with the audience, the way she’s so open about her music, my kids look at SZA the way I looked at Mary J. Blige.”

What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Do you think Jess Hilarious would make a great permanent addition to “The Breakfast Club”? Tell us in the comments below! 

Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel