Taraji P. Henson Wants Conversations Surrounding ‘The Color Purple’ To Focus On The Film & Not Her Comments About Pay Disparities

Taraji P. Henson Wants Conversations Surrounding ‘The Color Purple’ To Focus On The Film & Not Her Comments About Pay Disparities

TV and movie star Taraji P. Henson wants to continue discussing the issue of pay discrimination in Hollywood, just not while speaking about “The Color Purple.”

During a recent interview, the actress expressed her frustrations about the situation, proclaiming that it’s “not fair” that her comments seem more important than the film.

Reportedly, Taraji P. Henson stated about the matter:

“I hope they can focus back onto this film, because right now, to me, it feels like what I said is now becoming louder than this beautiful film,” 

Taraji P. Henson

She continued:

“And that’s not fair to me, or anybody in the film,” 

The Oscar-nominated actress went on to highlight that “The Color Purple” is a story about healing and sisterhood, which she said should be the topic of discussion by media outlets reporting on the project. However, it seems her remarks about nearly walking away from her starring role as Shug Avery due to feeling low-balled has overshadowed the blockbuster. As we previously covered, Henson was overcome with emotion during a tour stop promoting the movie last month while opening up about the topic. The entertainer gave an emotional plea on behalf of Black actresses in the entertainment industry, condemning Hollywood for often underpaying them.

In subsequent interviews, the 53-year-old doubled down on her claims and even discussed the unfair treatment she experienced on the set of the Oprah Winfrey executive-produced film. Henson, as well as her co-star Danielle Brooks, explained that they weren’t initially given dressing rooms and were expected to drive rental cars rather than being chauffeured as is customary. Her speaking out about the topic led many to believe that Winfrey herself was at the root of the problem, which Henson and Winfrey both have vehemently denied.

Henson further reiterated her stance that Winfrey is not to blame for the issues she has with Hollywood, adding during the recent interview:

“I see what’s going on, but there’s nothing spin there…You saw the woman doing the electric slide in the dust with us. She was right there in the field doing the electric slide. She held our hands the entire production. She showed up, she was there — there are producers that don’t show up on set…And what you’re not gonna do is pit two Black women together — not on my watch,”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson