EXCLUSIVE: Ray J Departs Raycon & Sells Shares To Launch Massive TV Platform Tronix Network!

EXCLUSIVE: Ray J Departs Raycon & Sells Shares To Launch Massive TV Platform Tronix Network!

The Jasmine Brand exclusively reports details surrounding Ray J’s departure from Raycon. Sources tell us that the reality star and entrepreneur had waited for the perfect time to solely focus on his next biggest venture, an entertainment network.

As reported today, Ray J, the driving force behind Raycon Global, has steered his entrepreneurial journey into uncharted territory by selling his shares in the company. This pivotal decision, amid Raycon’s soaring $300 million revenue, has sparked intense speculation, as insiders dissect the motives driving this strategic pivot.

Sources within Ray J’s inner circle hint at an ambitious agenda: the inception of Tronix Network, a television platform meticulously crafted with an initial investment of $5 million, poised to reshape the entertainment landscape.

Insiders tell us that Ray J’s unwavering faith in Tronix Network’s potential has propelled him to divest his Raycon shares, granting him the financial freedom necessary to propel this new venture to unprecedented heights. A source tells us

“This isn’t merely about transitioning from one venture to another; it’s about seizing control of destiny’s helm and steering it towards his ultimate vision.”

Amidst discussions of Ray J’s role within Raycon, conflicting reports emerge regarding his shareholding.

While some assert his stake surpassed 62%, others argue it may have hovered closer to 31% or 41%. Yet, amidst the conjecture, one truth remains steadfast: Ray J’s influence within the company was profound, setting the stage for his next conquest.

The burning question echoes across boardrooms and coffee tables alike: Did Ray J time his exit with precision, or was it a hastily executed maneuver? With projections estimating potential gains between $35 to $45 million from his Raycon shares, the stakes are undeniably high. However, alternate narratives emerge, suggesting a windfall of $80 to $100 million, depending on the intricacies of the deal structure and the elusive “kicker” that precipitated the sale.

The big question arises: Did Ray J sell at the right time? Was it a hasty decision, or a carefully calculated move?

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He’s also going through a divorce. Things could get tricky!

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