Lil Mama Was ‘Hurt’ & ‘Depressed’ Over The Backlash She Faced For Crashing The Stage During Jay-Z & Alicia Keys’ 2009 VMAs Performance

Lil Mama

Lil Mama Was ‘Hurt’ & ‘Depressed’ Over The Backlash She Faced For Crashing The Stage During Jay-Z & Alicia Keys’ 2009 VMAs Performance

Lil Mama is taking time to reflect on a decision she still regrets making years later.

During an interview with The Jay Hill Podcast, Lil Mama was asked if the “Jay-Z incident” was the “downfall” of her career.

As you may recall, the New York rapper infamously hopped on stage at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards as Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performed their hit song “Empire State Of Mind.”

Responding to the question, Lil Mama said she believes her career began to fade shortly after the passing of her mother, who died of breast cancer in 2007. According to the rapper, she was “already tapping out” at that point.

However, as the conversation gradually focused on the events of the 2009 VMAs, Lil Mama didn’t shy away from expressing what life was like for her after that crazy night.

She stated,

“In the beginning, I was hurt. Tyrese called my phone as soon as I got home. He was like, ‘Bro, you didn’t tell me you was performing!’ First of all, my heart is racing. I’m already mad embarrassed.”

Lil Mama also touched on media personalities who ridiculed her for what she did, including Ed Lover and Wendy Williams.

The 35-year-old said,

“I had to deal with Ed Lover on the radio in the morning, Wendy Williams, Angie Martinez, who talked to Jay, and he was just like, ‘Yeah, you know. I didn’t like it.’”

She continued,

“He was so angry and I was just trying my best to do everything I could do. After a while, I was like, ‘Forgive yourself, bro. Move forward.”

Sharing how depressed she was due to all of the harsh criticism, Lil Mama said,

“I was hurt. I was depressed. I was like, ‘Yo, what’s going on?’ And then you got everybody telling you, ‘You’re doing bad.’ People pointing at you, like, ‘What did you do?’”

After sharing she met a girl who was imprisoned on Rikers Island for killing someone allegedly in self-defense, an emotional Lil Mama said,

“It’s people going through worst sh*t than me bruh, and that’s what helped me be like, ‘Yo, I’m good.” 

Lil Mama

You may recall that in 2021, Jay-Z was asked about the controversial incident and whether or not he had forgiven the “Lip Gloss” rapper. He stated,

“Yes, of course! Of course. Come on, don’t do that. Of course. That’s our sister, man. We love her. I wouldn’t recommend people just jump on other people’s stage but, you know, [Alicia and I ] don’t wish her no harm.”

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Authored by: Candice O