Kodak Black’s Attorney Releases Update On Gun Charge: He’s Being Treated Differently Than Any Other Inmate!

Kodak Black

Kodak Black’s Attorney Releases Update On Gun Charge: The Case In New York Is Resolved

It looks like some good news has come for Kodak Black. As we previously reported the 22-year-old recording artist recently pledged guilty to gun charges from an incident that took place in April of last year. 

During the time in question, Kodak Black, along with three other men, were detained by border protection at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge between New York and Canada. According to state police, loaded guns and marijuana were found inside the vehicle the men were in. 

Kodak Black

On Monday, March 30th Kodak Black’s current attorney, Bradford Cohen, informed the public that this case has been resolved.  He uploaded a drawing of his client that reads “Free Kodak” across the rapper’s eyes and captioned the image:

“Some good news and some frustration in regards to @kodakblack . The case in New York is resolved. I was not his attorney on that case. Although it should have been completely dismissed, as it was for the other 2 individuals in the same car, who testified that @kodakblack knew nothing about the firearm in the vehicle, and it was registered and legal to one of the other individuals he was with, they agreed to 12 month to run concurrent with his current sentence. Even the Judge asked the prosecutor why are they not dismissing. @kodakblack just wanted to resolve it so he doesn’t lose anytime in federal. You see when you are out of federal custody you lose that time on your federal case. Now with the Coronavirus, its unknown when they will pick him up due to this virus. The BUREAU OF PRISONS @bureauofprisons needs to address these issues that federal inmates are credited back time they miss due to this outbreak. More information to follow this, as we really need to delve deep into how @kodakblack is being treated differently than any other inmate and any other defendant. Next up we will discuss what I say is triple jeopardy and the holding off on charges to attempt to stack a defendant with extra time, like in the case in @saomiami.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel