Rapper Saucy Santana Opens Up About Getting Shot: I Got Into It With A Security Guard Then 5 Minutes Later My Car Got Shot Up

Saucy Santana

Rapper Saucy Santana Opens Up About Getting Shot: I Got Into It With A Security Guard Then 5 Minutes Later My Car Got Shot Up

Rapper and social media personality Saucy Santana is giving more details about a shooting he was involved in last December. It was previously reported that Saucy Santana had been shot at in Miami after leaving a club. Footage of the scene was also released.

Now, he’s giving more detail about what happened that night. He spoke with Angela Yee on her podcast Angela Yee’s Lip Service and talked about a variety of topics, one of them being the shooting.

Saucy Santana described that he had been to that particular club three times prior to the incident and said that he’s been treated with the utmost respect there. However, he describes a security guard who may have been new at the club, harassing him.

“I had got into it like one of the security guards, I have never seen his face before so I don’t know if he was new or not, but I had got on the mic and I was like ‘Hey y’all don’t know what’s happening to me, don’t come over here harassing me telling me to stop dancing, telling me to do nothing like don’t play with me.’ So after that we had stayed in the club for a little bit or whatever the DJ is playing Trick Daddy, Gucci Mane, so we still standing in the club and then we probably left like 30 minutes later on our own accord. Ironically, I got into it with a security guard at the club and then 5 minutes later my car got shot up.”

When the incident first went down, it was reported that Saucy Santana, along with two others, were in the hospital and according to authorities shots were allegedly fired on the entrance ramp of  I-95, coming from Miami Gardens Drive. The incident went down at roughly 4:00 in the morning, according to NBC Miami.

Reports said that a Chevy sedan pulled up to a Honda sedan that had three people inside, including Saucy Santana, and began shooting, allegedly firing roughly seven shots. All three Honda passengers were shot and rushed to Aventura Hospital to be treated for injuries to their hands and arms. Fortunately, none of the injuries were serious.

After the shooting, Saucy Santana spoke out and stated at the time that he was convinced that he was a target because of his sexuality. On December 11, he told TMZ that he believed the gunman was at the same strip club he and his friends were at just before the shooting and was upset because

“all the girls [were] flocking to me.”

He continued,

“Homophobia is still very, very real, but it needs to end because we’re people.”

Soon after the TMZ interview, footage of Saucy Santana after the shooting surfaced. While still on the scene, the rapper can be seen and heard saying,

“I was sitting in the front with my friends…”

He added,

“These people trying to kill me!”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla