‘Love Is Blind’ Star Amber ‘AD’ Smith Responds To Castmate Jimmy Presnell Saying He’d Like An ‘Opportunity’ To Date Her: ‘I Want Nothing From That Man’

Amber Desiree ‘AD’ Smith, Jimmy Presnell

‘Love Is Blind’ Star Amber ‘AD’ Smith Responds To Castmate Jimmy Presnell Saying He’d Like An ‘Opportunity’ To Date Her: ‘I Want Nothing From That Man’

We hope you’re not holding your breath for a love spark to occur between AD and Jimmy.

As previously reported, during an interview last week, “Love Is Blind” season six star Jimmy Presnell expressed interest in his castmate Amber ‘AD’ Smith. For those needing a quick refresher, both the love hopefuls left the series single after their respective relationships didn’t end in marriage. Jimmy Presnell called it quits before making it to the alter by ending things with his then-fiancée Chelsea Blackwell following a seemingly fun date night. AD Smith was fully committed to jumping the broom with her former partner Clay Gravesande, however, he said no to their potential marriage while at the alter.


When asked if he’d be interested in seeing if there was something there with AD Smith since they appeared to have a strong chemistry the first time they met in person, Jimmy Presnell said,

“I think I would be doing myself a disservice by telling anybody I wouldn’t want to have an opportunity with AD one day.”

Jimmy Presnell, Amber Desiree ‘AD’ Smith

As you might expect, Jimmy’s remarks set the internet on fire. During a newly aired podcast interview with media personality Kamie Crawford, AD Smith addressed the possibility of them exploring a romantic connection.

“I love Chelsea so much, and I would never do anything to disrespect her and that relationship. And Jimmy is really dope, just as a human; he’s so cool, so chill, so laidback, and that’s just it.”

Explaining her feelings for her fellow Charlotte resident, AD continued,

“We are friends. He’s very relatable and I want nothing from that man. Like, I love him as a friend.”

The former professional NBA dancer also took a moment to address criticism that she flirted with Jimmy on the show while they were involved with other people.

“And, what we did on the show, I was not flirting with him. …he’s tall and I was looking up…and I’m just like, you know, I would be flirting with the wall if he was talking to me.”

She concluded with,

“Jimmy’s cool as a friend, and that is it.”

What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Do you think Amber Desiree ‘AD’ Smith should give Jimmy Presnell a chance? Tell us in the comments below! 

Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel