Rick Ross’ Ex Tia Kemp Blasts Him After He Seemingly Called Her ‘The Biggest Opp’ In New Song: ‘I Wish A B*tch Would Try Me’

Rick Ross, Tia Kemp

Rick Ross’ Ex Tia Kemp Blasts Him After He Seemingly Called Her ‘The Biggest Opp’ In New Song: ‘I Wish A B*tch Would Try Me’

The mother of one of Rick Ross‘ children isn’t here for his alleged diss about her.

Tia Kemp hurled an onslaught of insults at her son’s famous father recently after some of her internet followers claimed the rapper mentioned her in his new song.

Tia Kemp

During a live video session, Tia Kemp was reading messages from her followers when one user suggested she check out Future‘s new song that features Rick Ross titled “Everyday Hustle”, claiming she’s being dissed. In the song, the Maybach music founder raps:

“Baby momma still the biggest opp / team of shooters just to keep it locked”

Reacting to the lyric, seemingly without even hearing the record herself first, Kemp immediately fired back at both Ross and Future, stating:

“I wish a b*tch would try me….Two old dusties on there lying…put both of they children together they got two football teams. Him & Future need to sit they old a**es down somewhere…You don’t want to f*ck with Tia. They don’t want to f*ck with me.”

She continued:

“They better make they songs about the wh*res out here they screw around with and having them hidden babies with, cause I don’t give a f*ck about him, Future, or the mothf*cking past.”

Kemp went on to reiterate that her ex doesn’t want to get on her bad side (again), revealing that she’ll use their son, William Roberts III, 18, to contact him just to curse him out for speaking on her name. In case you’re unfamiliar, the former lovers, who dated from 2003 – 2005, routinely display their love/hate relationship across social media. Earlier this year, prior to his split from Christina Mackey, Kemp lashed out at Ross for dating someone much younger than he is, prompting him to ridicule her alleged “botched surgery” among other things.


baby, Mama drama???

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During another online argument last year, Ross claimed the internet personality is not as hostile towards him as she makes it seem. The rapper shared an image of Kemp in his home at the time, writing the caption:

“You must have Alzheimer’s granny cuz September 26 2023 I let you mop and do my pedicure. You were in the best spirits.”

Kemp addressed the situation after another one of her followers mentioned it during her recent live, stating:

“Girl we all know I wasn’t no f*cking maid, maid what? Made some sandwiches for that b*tch? Made some f*cking meatloaf for that greedy b*tch? Girl I didn’t touch a broom in that b*tch house…I know that b*tch lying to you.”

She added:

“And a mop! I didn’t touch it. I p*ssed across the room on his floor, in his face. I threw his towels down…that you h*es dry off with. Girl I don’t f*cking play with that fat b*tch…ask him. And he call the maid in there to come change the sheets I don’t even change sheets on there.”

It does not appear that Ross has responded to Kemp’s latest rant at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson