Rick Ross’ Ex-Girlfriend Cristina Mackey Shares Snippet Of New Song After Their Split: ‘Seen You w/ A B*tch, Act Like I Don’t Give A F*ck’

Rick Ross’ Ex-Girlfriend Cristina Mackey Shares Snippet Of New Song After Their Split: ‘Seen You w/ A B*tch, Act Like I Don’t Give A F*ck’

Heartbreak isn’t stopping Cristina Mackey’s hustle!

During a recent Instagram Live, rapper Rick Ross’ former boo Cristina Mackey revealed that she’s been cooking up some heat in the booth.

Cristina Mackey, Rick Ross

In a now-viral clip of the broadcast, Cristina Mackey asked,

“Do you guys want me to play [the song]? I’ma play it, I don’t need your permission.”

The artist/influencer continued, teasing the lyrics of the forthcoming song:

“Seen you with a b*tch, act like I don’t give a f*ck.”

Mackey furthered,

“I caught you slipping / What you gon’ do for redemption? / Why these n*ggas always down to risk it? / When they leave like that, they always come back around / Don’t ask me where I’m at, not your problem / It ain’t none of your business.”

Cristina Mackey, Rick Ross

Many social media users didn’t waste time to relate the track to her split from Rick Ross.

As you may know, the 27-year-old and Rick Ross first went public with their romance in December 2023. However, earlier this month, Mackey confirmed that the couple had officially called it quits.

She wrote on Threads:

“The situation was beautiful, and I meant every word during our amazing six-month run. If others are upset about my joy/pride in the moment, that’s their stress to bear.”

Mackey added,

“We had a clean break two weeks ago, and I never pretended to be the last. I embrace both positive and negative traction with love. And no, I won’t be appearing on anyone’s podcast.”

The news came after 48-year-old Ross was seen kicking off his #HotBoySummer early while partying with Soulja Boy and a group of women, which sparked rumors about whether or not he and Mackey were still an item.

In another part of the stream, where she teased her anticipated tune, Mackey can be heard singing:

“I ain’t never leave the house for you / Now I really got it out for you / It was never ’bout the money or the clout with you. / You know I was really down for you / Now you asking for forgiveness.”


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Although Mackey has been putting her emotional pen to paper, it appears all is good in her hood. Not too long ago, she announced that she had snagged three brand deals. One with energy drink C4, another with Fashion Nova, and a third with an unnamed makeup line.

Additionally, she made it clear on TikTok that things were (seemingly) amicable between her and Ross, as she referred to him as the “best man she’s ever dated.”

We’re not so sure if that remains now, though.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell