Meghan Markle’s Brother Says She Should “Get Off Her High Horse”, Encourages Her To See Her Estranged Dad: It’s His Dying Wish! 

Meghan Markle, Thomas Markle, Jr., Thomas Markle, Sr.

Meghan Markle’s Brother Says She Should “Get Off Her High Horse”, Encourages Her To See Her Estranged Dad: It’s His Dying Wish!

Meghan Markle’s family drama has come to light once again.

Her brother has now come forward and said she should fix things with their father, weeks after their father called her out, accusing her of turning the royal family “into a Walmart with a crown.”

Thomas Markle, Jr. states: 

“Meghan should actually just seriously get off her high horse, call her father, make amends. The guy dedicated his whole entire life to her—where she is at today is because of him. That is the only reason and I mean enough is enough.”

He continued and said his father wants their relationship to be mended as well.

“My dad’s dying wish, he tells me on the phone, is just so he can just make amends and see Archie. And have his daughter back in his life – I mean, we owe him that.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

While he apologized for the “bad press”, he said Meghan Markle could have changed that.

“I’m sorry for the last three years of bad press. It should have been done differently a long time ago and she could have had a big decision in that. Reached out a little bit more and we would probably have a better time right now. It’s in the past and there is no instruction booklet for all this and how everything went down. I would say if it is the last thing that she does she needs to call her father.” 

He added,

“Seriously, he has only got a few good years left. I talked to him the other day and this is going to hurt but he is to the point where he actually doesn’t really care if she comes back into his life or not. 

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, son Archie

“He is so frustrated because he can’t get a message to her. He is still bewildered, he is still lost, he is getting frustrated now to where he is just going to enjoy the rest of his life and he is just going to blow it off.” 

He also said he hopes to meet Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s 10-month-old son, Archie. 

 “Here’s a family member that I have never met, a family member who I will probably never meet unless the Queen steps in and says, ‘You know, let’s give these Markles a break, let’s give them some recognition because they do exist and they are nice people.'”

He also appears to want a relationship with Meghan Markle’s in-laws.

“I want to party with the Queen – why not? I think it would be great. The entire Royal Family would have a good time sitting around and talking to me and my father.”

As for why many of her relatives weren’t invited to the royal wedding in 2018, Tom, Jr. said,

“I think Meghan found us embarrassing because, you know, working on Suits jaded her. It just changed her, you know. When you are working in the studios you have a trailer, you have PAs, personal assistants, and runners that just do things for you constantly all day long. 

“And you get kind of used to that so when she got the first season and the second season she was becoming popular on the show and I think it went to her head and she was just too good for anybody…” 

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Authored by: Char Patterson