Mase Hints That He ‘Escaped’ Diddy When He Temporarily Retired From Music In 1999; Says In The End He ‘Didn’t Lose No Money’

Mase Hints That He ‘Escaped’ Diddy When He Temporarily Retired From Music In 1999; Says In The End He ‘Didn’t Lose No Money’

Rapper Mase says he went to great lengths to “escape” Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs in the late nineties.

The prolific performing artist co-hosts the “It Is What It Is” podcast with fellow rapper Cam’ron, TV host, and producer Treasure ‘Stat Baby’ Wilson. During a recent episode, Mase said he quit music in 1999, when he was at his peak, to get away from Diddy.

Seemingly referring to the string of serious allegations against the Bad Boy Records founder, Mase said, 

“Everything now that we see playing out was all the things that I escaped.”

He added,

“The car. The Shyne. The Loon. Puff Daddy. Craig Mack. Biggie Smalls. So, even though I made those decisions, and it cost me money, that’s why [when] I got with Killa [Cam’Ron], and they gave me the money back. I didn’t lose no money. Destiny.”


Nevertheless, Mase, born Mason Betha, returned to music years later. He first came out of retirement on two occasions: once in 2004 with an album titled “Welcome Back,” and again in 2009 with a single titled “Get It” and later, “Double Up.”

Throughout the years, Mase and Diddy have been in a long and heated feud, primarily because of financial and business disagreements.

Most recently, in September 2023, Diddy claimed the pair had made up.

Diddy, Mase

During an interview with Billboard, Diddy shared, 

“You know, we’re brothers and brothers fight. I love him and that’s it.”

Diddy and Mase

This statement was in response to whether they had reconciled from their feud. Moreover, their initial spat was in 2009, when Mase crashed Diddy’s live radio interview with V103’s Ryan Cameron and presented him with documents demanding release from his Bad Boy contract. While Diddy signed the documents, it was later revealed that they only allowed Mase to appear in songs with other artists. This meant he was still obligated to Bad Boy Records under the contract.

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Authored by: B Gregory