Porsha Williams Reveals Simon Guobadia’s ‘Questionable Immigration’ And Alleged Criminal Past Played A ‘Big Role’ In Why She Filed For Divorce + Accuses Him Of

Porsha Williams, Simon Guobadia

Porsha Williams Reveals Simon Guobadia’s ‘Questionable Immigration’ And Alleged Criminal Past Played A ‘Big Role’ In Why She Filed For Divorce

Porsha Williams is coming clean about why she filed for divorce from her husband.

The Bravo star recently admitted in recent court documents obtained by Radar Online that reports of Simon Guobadia’s “questionable immigration” and alleged criminal history played a “big role” in her split from the Nigerian-born businessman.

Porsha Williams, Simon Guobadia

Porsha Williams said, in part,

“The news reports of Husband’s alleged immigration of fraud, and what appeared to be an imminent threat of deportation were shocking and affected Wife’s mental and emotional wellbeing.”

She continued,

“None of this information was ever disclosed by Husband to Wife, despite Wife having previously inquired about Husband’s immigration status and criminal history.”

The “Work Done” singer also shared text messages with the court between her and Simon Guobadia. In them, she wrote,

“There are more than one or two reasons we are in this place and i’m forced to make this decision. I will make sure they are written and listen for you to See. There is nothing in this world that would have told me i would have to divorce you or that i would even contemplate leaving you even for a day. However what is between us rocks our foundation to the core.”

She added that she’s “always trusted” the entrepreneur from “day one.” Porsha Williams went on to say, in part, 

“I’ve always stressed to you that i feel safe with you and how important for someone like me that is, i’ve also loved you through and through! But all of this shows me you have not cared for me the same and that is a huge problem. Your job is to protect Pj and I and you have not.”

In a statement about the new motion, her attorney wrote that the 42-year-old celebrity “began to question everything that she initially believed to be true as it relates to her Husband’s character.”

Porsha Williams, Simon Guobadia

The attorney noted it related to Simon Guobadia’s “immigration” and “business dealings,” which ultimately led to Porsha not wanting to “remain married to a stranger.” Therefore, she “filed for divorce.”

In addition to disclosing those new details, Porsha requested a judge deny Simon’s plea for exclusive access to their Georgia mansion. According to reports, the pair’s prenuptial agreement required Simon to leave their home within 30 days of filing for divorce, which he reportedly refused.

Simon Guobadia, Porsha Williams

In return, Simon claimed that Porsha brought armed individuals to the residence, leading him to call the police. Porsha also accused him of changing the locks, blocking her access to the house, and having multiple women in their home on different occasions.

Simon Guobadia, Porsha Williams

Meanwhile, Simon has yet to respond as he enjoys a Dubai getaway.

Furthermore, speculation of his alleged immigration status and criminal history stemmed from reports of someone with the same full name as the entertainer’s estranged husband, “Simon Iyore Guobadia,” who was denied citizenship allegedly due to the past crimes he committed in the country.

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Authored by: B Gregory