Nicci Gilbert Compares Her ‘P-Valley’ Lawsuit To Battle W/ ‘R&B Divas’ Production Staff: I Can’t Believe I’m Here Again W/ ‘P-Valley’ 7 Years Later, My Message Is Still The Same

Nicci Gilbert

Nicci Gilbert Compares Her ‘P-Valley’ Lawsuit To Battle W/ ‘R&B Divas’ Production Staff: I Can’t Believe I’m Here Again W/ ‘P-Valley’ 7 Years Later, My Message Is Still The Same

Nicci Gilbert sheds light on her constant battle as a media professional.

R&B singer-turned-producer Nicci Gilbert reminded her followers about the adversity she has faced in the industry. Back in 2015, the former Brownstone member took to Instagram to detail her negative experience on the TV One reality show R&B Divas. Gilbert alleged that the show withheld her paychecks, humiliated her ’90s girl group, and more. Earlier this week, Gilbert reposted the exposé to highlight her current court battle with the P-Valley series.

R&B Divas cast

Gilbert’s updated caption read:

I originally posted this in March 2015 . I started my #Fight4Wirf a month after Maxee died. I can’t believe I’m here again with #PValley 7years later, my message is still the same. This ain’t ‘Clout Chasin’ it’s Purpose Driven …#RIHMaxee Repost from @niccigilbert.”

She continued with her 2015 caption:

“I needed to share this #Testimony. I really considered throwing in the towel after #MAXEE died. I didnt think I had the energy or spirit to fight against the #InEquality #Sexism #Bullying #Litigation #WageTheft #Destruction I have suffered over the years at the hands of my #RBDIVAS producer partners,”

She went on:

“I wont rest until women and girls in the #MEDIA are treated with the #EQUALITY #RESPECT that we deserve. #MAXEE & #BROWNSTONE were humiliated publicly on #RBDIVASATL because I was stripped of the power or influence as Creator Executive Producer to protect our Brands.”

“I never would have imagined that trying to keep things positive and uplifting would be met with such adversity and hate. I never thought that speaking up against the negative depiction of the women on the show would result in my salary being held for 3 seasons, character defamation, and the use of money and influence to publicly disparage and drag me through court to fight for my salary as a punishment,”

She concluded:

“Enough Is enough! Its time to put an end to the egregious, villafying images that are stripping us of our character and destroying our culture and legacies. #FIGHT4WIRF #brownstone4life.”


Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell of Brownstone passed away in 2015. According to reports, the 46-year-old cut her throat on a glass cup during a fall.

Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell, Nicci Gilbert

In a recent exclusive with theJasmineBRAND, Gilbert reflected on her time as executive producer of R&B Divas. She stated that her lawsuit with STARZ was reminiscent of her conflict on the show.

“Unfortunately, there are producers connected to the show that are just going to keep blaming me for the demise of it without anybody really understanding the reality, the truth, of what that situation was. And I think that because I started fighting in season one…I’ve literally gotten emails that I wasn’t supposed to get that specifically said they did not want [Syleena Johnson and me] to be friends. And it worked.”

She continued:

“I made the decision to walk away and be an executive producer behind the scenes. At that point, I understood that ownership was the only thing that was missing from that ‘R&B Divas’ franchise. If I had ownership over the show I created, if I knew the importance of that, it would still be here.”

She added:

“It was supposed to be so much bigger than it was. And because a production company and producers that, again, I brought on board decided, ‘we gon’ take this and just call this ours.’ And I spoke up about the mistreatment of my cast members, I spoke up about always having alcohol on set. I started to see, ‘Nicci Gilbert’s a terror to work with.’ So, I saw the trolls dispatched in that situation, so I knew what to expect in this one.”


At the beginning of 2022, it was reported that Gilbert was suing P-Valley. She accused the hit drama of stealing ripping off her 2011 musical stage play, Soul Kittens Cabaret. The lawsuit was met with criticism from some internet users.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya