Reality Star Bethenny Frankel Reveals She Was Punched By A Stranger In NYC Amid Viral Trend: ‘I Was Embarrassed To Say’

Reality Star Bethenny Frankel Reveals She Was Punched By A Stranger In NYC Amid Viral Trend: ‘I Was Embarrassed To Say’

Bravo star Bethenny Frankel is one of the latest victims of the “knockout game.”

If you didn’t know, fashion design student Mikayla Toninato recently went viral after sharing that she had been punched by a stranger in New York City.

Mikayla Toninato

She alleged in the TikTok video, which was filmed near 14th and 5th Avenue,

“So, I just got punched in the face walking home. I was literally like leaving class. I turned the corner and I was looking down, and I was looking at my phone and texting. And then, out of nowhere, this man just came up and hit me in the face. I’m actually in shock right now. I’m just walking home because what else do you do?”

Following the widespread video, Bethenny Frankel briefly detailed her own experience. She recalled in the now-deleted comment:

“This is insane bc this happened to me a few months ago but I was embarrassed to say.”

Bethenny Frankel

According to The Real Housewives of New York alum, the assault took place while she was recording something on her phone. Bethenny Frankel furthered,

“I was on the [Upper West Side]. Insane. I was taking [a] video of a bakery.”

At this time, it’s unclear whether Frankel has since taken any legal action. Her and Toninato’s claims follow a series of online accounts given by numerous other women with similar stories.

Last month, another TikToker named Jill Burke was attacked near Union Square. Additionally, on March 17, user Olivia Brand said she’d been socked while traveling along the sidewalk.

Earlier this week, influencer Halley Kate raked in nearly 50 million views when she alarmingly appeared with a knot on her head and told her supporters of an identical incident.

“You guys, I was literally just walking, and a man came up and punched me in the face. Oh, my God! It hurts so bad! I can’t even talk. Literally, I fell to the ground.”

The new trend is currently on the rise in New York City, where citizens are getting struck in the face on the street. It’s unknown if the same man is committing the crime, but NYPD has released a statement, ensuring that a suspect has been arrested.

They wrote via X,

“The NYPD is aware of a viral video circulating on social media depicting a woman who was randomly assaulted in an unprovoked attack. The individual has been arrested and charged and is a criminal recidivist with an extensive criminal record.”

We’re hoping that everyone stays safe out there.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell