Beauty Influencer Jackie Aina Doesn’t Want To Be Called Auntie Anymore

Beauty Influencer Jackie Aina Doesn’t Want To Be Called Auntie Anymore 

Social media influencer Jackie Aina wants people of all ages to stop calling her “auntie.”

In a TikTok video, the YouTube superstar declared that she’s “un-auntie-ing” her “public persona.” Jackie Aina said she decided after she woke up one day and felt like, 

“You know what? Wisdom is not my entire personality trait, and I don’t know everything.”


I’m glad we woke up the “aunty” discussions again! I posted this video last year. some people weren’t very nice about respecting it. Now that I’ve asked nicely repeatedly for a year and it hasn’t really worked I can go a little harder now. ? FYI: this isn’t a discussion about the general term “aunty” itself, I’m only speaking for myself and my own reasons for not wanting to be referred to as aunty by people online! If you like being called aunty that’s fine, but that’s you. People don’t let their “aunty” figures get annoyed, make mistakes, have boundaries, put themselves first etc. just like everyone else does. so I don’t give “aunty” no more to nobodyyyy unless you’re my real life niece/nephew. ? Dont like it? Don’t care, and did not ask. toodles ?

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The 36-year-old also claimed that people seen as “aunties” or mature for their age can be held to a higher standard, causing people to judge them harder.

“When that person makes a misstep or when that person does something slightly less than perfect. It’s judged typically ten times harder. It’s hard for people to see you as a real person.”

Moreover, Jackie Aina said she simply wants to enjoy her youth because she “never really got to be young.” The social media influencer explained, in part,

“My childhood was terrible…Then I got to my 20s, and then I had to be five years older than I really was. Then you get to 30, and everybody’s treating you like you’re in your 40’s.”

When asked by people who are in their early 20s if it was still ok for them to call her “auntie.” Aina stated,

“It’s a hard no.”

She later added,

“Online, I just don’t want to be treated like everybody’s elder anymore, you know, even people who are older than me. I’m truly truly moving into a new phase, where I’m just like, ‘Yeah, I feel my age, and I actually kinda want to enjoy it.'”

Aina is best known for advocating for the visibility of people of color in the cosmetic industry. She’s a beauty influencer with over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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Authored by: B Gregory