Rapper B.G. Could Return To Prison For Alleged Parole Violations

Rapper B.G. Could Return To Prison For Alleged Parole Violations

B.G., a founding member of the famous 90s rap group Hot Boys, could land behind bars again.

According to a report, authorities arrested B.G., or “Baby Gangsta,” born Christopher Dorsey, on Wednesday (March 27) for violating his parole with his performance alongside Boosie BadAzz at a Las Vegas concert in February. The same month, he began two years of court-mandated supervised release.

The following day after his Wednesday (March 27) arrest, B.G.’s friend OG Freeze updated fans about the former Hot Boys rapper’s arrest. In the video, OG Freeze revealed that B.G. was released from jail but faces a federal court date in New Orleans for the parole violation.

“The man [has] come home, doing his little thing; he’s not bothering anybody; he’s just trying to get his life back on track.”

OG Freeze

He continued,

“He [B.G.] ain’t doing nothing different than no other rapper.”

OG Freeze also showed a text message from his phone that he said was from B.G. It read in part, 

“I just got out of jail.”

According to conditions surrounding B.G.’s supervised release, the 43-year-old was supposed to obtain authorities’ permission before “entering into self-employment.”

Authorities said federal probation officers questioned B.G. after the concert performance with Boosie BadAzz, telling him to find a different job.

According to court documents, B.G. said in response,

“I’m a rapper. That [is] my profession.”

In addition, since Boosie BadAzz is a convicted felon, the two rappers performing together violated a federal supervised release statute that prevents parolees from “associating unnecessarily with” convicted felons. Not to mention, B.G. also did a joint project, “Choppers & Bricks,” with Gucci Mane, who is also a convicted felon. 

In 2012, a jury convicted B.G. of federal charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and obstruction of justice. A judge sentenced him to 14 years in prison. He left prison early in September 2023 and then a halfway house after receiving credit for time served. If his probation is revoked, authorities could send him back to federal prison to serve the remainder of his sentence.

In an Instagram post on Friday (March 29), B.G. said, 

“It’s crazy how after paying my debt to society with 12 and a half years of my life, I come home and still ain’t free. I been doing everything the right way, and it seems like that ain’t enough.”

He continued,

“I been going through it behind the scenes and got a muzzle on for the time being, but I’m confident I’ll come out on TOP. I always do.”

B.G. worked with Cash Money Records in the late 1990s and early 2000s alongside Juvenile and Lil Wayne as a Hot Boys member. He also topped the charts as an individual artist with the hit single “Bling Bling” in 1999. 

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Authored by: B Gregory