Update: DeSean Jackson’s Ex Responds To Allegations She ‘Abandoned’ Their Children, Says Former NFL Star Stopped Paying $3k Monthly Child Support

DeSean Jackson, Kayla Phillips

Update: DeSean Jackson’s Ex Responds To Allegations She ‘Abandoned’ Their Children, Says Former NFL Star Stopped Paying $3k Monthly Child Support

Update: (Apr. 2, 2024): New details have surfaced in the legal battle between retired NFL star DeSean Jackson and his ex Kayla Phillips.

In February, Jackson filed for sole physical and legal custody of the two boys he shares with Phillips. According to Jackson, he’s been the primary caretaker of the minors since early last year when Phillips allegedly abandoned the boys to join a cult.

The influencer has yet to directly address all the allegations from her ex. However, she did recently turn over her income and expense records to the court in response to Jackson’s petition for sole custody. Per court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Phillips detailed in the filing how her income changed significantly after Jackson (allegedly) stopped paying his $3,000 monthly child support. She said he stopped paying her car note as well.

Phillips alleged she only made $500 weekly as an Administrative Assistant, while Jackson earned $20,000 per month from his various businesses. In addition, she confirmed that Jackson has their children 98% of the time, but before February 2023, they were with her 90% of the time.

A judge has yet to rule on the matter.

Original Story: (Feb. 8, 2024): DeSean Jackson is taking legal matters to make his parenting situation permanent. 

According to court documents, the NFL star is accusing his ex, influencer Kayla Phillips, of joining a cult and abandoning their young sons. DeSean Jackson is asking the court to grant him sole physical and legal custody of the minors so he can continue to provide them with a stable, loving, and structured home and environment.”

DeSean Jackson and his children

Reportedly, the family previously lived together for three years in Florida. However, after DeSean Jackson and Kayla Phillips ended things in 2020, he moved back to California. Things were seemingly good between the exes until February of last year when DeSean Jackson went to Florida to bring his sons (5 and 8 years old) to his home for a visit. He says that,

“when it was time for the visit to end, I called [Phillips] to make arrangements for the children’s return and [Phillips] gave me a later date to return the children.”

Allegedly, when the adjusted return date approached his ex asked again for him to keep the boys longer, which ultimately turned into them living with him full-time. 

DeSean Jackson’s children

The document reportedly states that Kayla Phillips,

“stopped calling me about the children’s return, so I enrolled the children in school here in Los Angeles and the children have been living with me since.”

The filing alleges that Phillips has only seen the kids twice since they unexpectedly moved in with Jackson as she “has abandoned” them.

Why would a mother (allegedly) decide to walk away from her sons, well according to Jackson it’s because Phillips is being “brainwashed” by the cult she joined. The Philadelphia Eagles player claims that she’s joined an extremist religious group called “The Most High” after getting romantically involved with “a man with cult-like behavior.”

DeSean Jackson with one of his sons

He argues that the mother of his children is “living a carefree life that does not include the children.” She allegedly doesn’t reside in a “stable living environment” but instead lives with her boyfriend in an RV. Jackson also says that she hasn’t contributed to the kids’ “financial nor physical welfare” since he took over as their primary caregiver. 

Jackson adds,

“We don’t know what [Phillips] is capable of since she joined ‘The Most High’ cult which is why we have filed the request For Child Abduction Prevention Orders.”

Reportedly, there’s been no response to the allegations from Phillips thus far.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel