‘Dead To Me’ Actress Christina Applegate Reveals She Hasn’t Showered In 3 Weeks After MS Relapse

‘Dead To Me’ Actress Christina Applegate Reveals She Hasn’t Showered In 3 Weeks After MS Relapse

Christina Applegate is opening up about the realities of living with MS.

The Dead to Me star, 52, revealed that it’s been three weeks since she last took a shower after suffering a flare-up of the chronic disease.

She said on Tuesday’s (April 2) episode of her MeSsy podcast that her MS is “in relapse right now,” and explained,

“I’m gonna be honest with you, I need to buy stock in Cottonelle because I haven’t taken a shower in three weeks. I can’t stand in my shower. There’s no f*cking way.”

She continued,

“I have such a small bench and my a** is so huge these days that I can’t sit on it, it’s like I slip right off of it. … So, I’ve been Cottonelle-ing my body.”

She confessed that she smells “so bad,” adding that it’s awful.” She said her and her husband Martyn LeNoble’s 12-year-old daughter Sadie is the only person she gets close to. Christina Applegate said her preteen is brutally honest with her and is

always like, ‘Oh Mama, that’s bad.’ I make her smell my armpits, just to make her vomit.”

The Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead star was diagnosed with MS in 2021. According to the National MS Society, it’s a

disease that impacts the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves, which make up the central nervous system and controls everything we do.”

Other than impacting her hygiene, the actress said the relapse has caused her to experience “intense pain” to where she can’t walk to the bathroom without stumbling and nearly falling.

She added,

“Insane tingling that just has spurts of tingles that are weird coming from, like, my butt down. I haven’t slept for 24 hours because my eye is doing something weird where every time I close my eye to go to sleep my right eye starts to shift.”

She noted that she plans to go to a doctor,

“because it’s a little scary and freaking me out that my eye is going to burst out of my face or something. I’m a little concerned about that, and my legs have never been this bad, so I don’t know what’s going on.”

She said right now she just wants to

“lay in a dark room, watching TV and wanting it all to go away.”

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