‘RHOBH’ Star Annemarie Wiley Says Garcelle Beauvais Wants To Be The Only Black Woman On The Show + Calls Her A ‘Bully’

Annemarie Wiley, Garcelle Beauvais

‘RHOBH’ Star Annemarie Wiley Says Garcelle Beauvais Wants To Be The Only Black Woman On The Show + Calls Her A ‘Bully’

TV personality Annemarie Wiley recently shared her unflattering opinions about her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Garcelle Beauvais.

The nurse anesthesiologist says she believes Garcelle Beauvais has “bully” tendencies and gave off the impression that she wanted to remain the only Black woman on the show.

Annemarie Wiley

During an episode of the Reality With The King podcast, host and TV exec Carlos King specifically asked Annemarie Wiley if she felt Garcelle Beauvais didn’t want another Black woman on the series, to which she answered:

“I did get that feeling. I think that she’s been able to get away with unnecessarily playing the race card so many times unchallenged, because who can challenge her right?”

Garcelle Beauvais

She continued:

“The other ladies can’t challenge her. So I think that’s been her play for so long.”

Offering a bit of evidence to back her stance, Annemarie Wiley spoke about Beauvais historically being unafraid to call out unfair labels and attacks on the show but claimed The Jamie Foxx Show actress was silent when Wiley herself was under fire. If you recall, the Bravo newbie garnered a lot of backlash throughout season 13 as many felt she unfairly targeted castmate Sutton Stracke in an odd, ongoing conversation about Stracke’s esophagus. Wiley ultimately blamed that particular storyline on producers, however, in a post she wrote announcing she’d been fired after one season.

Despite her no longer being a Housewife, Wiley shared her hopes for Beauvais, who joined the show in season 10. She stated:

“I hope she stops leaning into…being a bully. Because I don’t think being a bully is a good look for her. So I hope that she kind of backs away from that a bit, and I hope that she finds love because she just keeps talking about her husband from like 13 years ago or whatever so you know, I think that would be nice for her.”

While it appears a few social media users agreed with Wiley’s stance, arguing that Beauvais does need a counterpart who can stand up to her without fear of being labeled racist, others felt her remarks were damaging and problematic.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson