NeNe Leakes Breaks Down Her Rules Of Infidelity: ‘If You’re Going to Cheat You Need To Do It W/ Respect’

NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes Breaks Down Her Rules Of Infidelity: ‘If You’re Going to Cheat You Need To Do It W/ Respect’

NeNe Leakes is sharing her thoughts on infidelity, stating that if someone is going to cheat, they need to be respectful about it.

During an Instagram Live session with former RHOA executive producer Carlos King on Tuesday (April 2), Nene Leakes said,

“If you’re going to cheat you need to do it with respect. I don’t like people who are not respectful.”

She listed someone who lies to the “sidepiece” as disrespectful, and said they need to tell the person they’re cheating with,

“‘Give me 50 feet on my woman. Don’t ever approach me when you see me with my woman. You can never approach.'”

The RHOA veteran added,

“I do believe there has to be respectful cheating.”

Carlos King also weighed in and said “respectful cheating” happens when the “sidepiece doesn’t call my phone” or lowkey posts the man they’re sleeping with on social media (i.e. sharing a photo of him that only shows his arm with a distinctive tattoo).

The Love & Marriage: Huntsville creator added,

“Keep your sidepieces in check.”

She later sent a message to mistresses on her IG Story.

It’s not clear if NeNe Leakes has experienced infidelity in her on-and-off relationship with Nyoneisela Siohhowever, she did call him out on social media a few months ago when they hit a rough patch in their romance. 

She told Carlos King in an interview last year that she and Sioh,

“Are taking a break. We’ve been taking a break.”


“It’s… things I’m not happy with, things he’s not happy with. It’s just not working at the moment. He is single, so if any of the ladies out there want to holla at him, go right ahead.”

Nene Leakes & Nyonisela Sioh

She also shared a cryptic message via social media in November 2023 and wrote:

Sis you can have him! TRUST ME….it’s not what you think. The bedroom sex is horrible He’s DUMB BROKE A loser A CHEATER A LIER And a NARCISSIST RUN WHILE YOU CAN.”

It looks like they’ve since made up and are back together. In February, he praised the Glee alum on Instagram and wrote alongside a photo of them,

“Thank you for being my partner in crime, my confidante, and my greatest support. Your love and understanding mean the world to me. I appreciate you more than words can express.”

NeNe responded with four red heart emojis in the comments.

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