Kim Kardashian Reportedly Loses 100K Followers On Social Media After Taylor Swift’s Alleged Diss Song + Reality Star’s Comment Section Flooded By Diehard Swifties

Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Reportedly Loses 100K Followers On Social Media After Taylor Swift’s Alleged Diss Song + Reality Star’s Comment Section Flooded By Diehard Swifties

Update (April 22, 2024): Kim Kardashian is feeling the wrath of Taylor Swift’s fans.

The SKIMS co-founder has reportedly lost over 100,000 followers on social media after Taylor Swift released “thanK you aIMee,” which fans are convinced is a hit at Kim Kardashian. 

Still, 100,000 followers might not faze Kim Kardashian, who still has 363 million followers on Instagram, 72 million X (formerly Twitter), and nearly 10 million followers on TikTok.

Meanwhile, fans aren’t playing shy about going off on the reality star underneath her latest Instagram post. Several critics simply wrote, “thanK you aIMee,” as others took a more direct approach. See a few comments below.

Original Story (April 19, 2024): Beauty mogul Kim Kardashian is trending online after apparently being dissed by Taylor Swift.

Many have been speculating that the pop star’s new song “thanK you aIMee” is about her beef with The Kardashians star, and internet users have been sharing their thoughts since.

Taylor Swift

The alleged Kim Kardashian diss record was released earlier today (April 19th) on Taylor Swift’s latest studio album The Tortured Poets Department. Social media users believe the singer was addressing her longstanding issue with the SKIMS founder, which stems from the time Kim Kardashian released audio footage contradicting Taylor Swift’s public disapproval of Kanye West’s “Famous”. Swift later accused Kardashian of strategically editing the phone call clip in order cast her in a negative light.

Internet users identified Kardashian as the antagonist of Swift’s new song for several reasons. The most obvious being the title, where the musician purposefully capitalizes the K in “thanK you” and the IM in “aIMee” to spell out KIM. Swift also made a nod to the name change during the song, singing the lyrics:

“I don’t think you’ve changed much / And so I changed your name, and any real defining clues / And one day, your kid comes home singin’ / A song that only us two is gonna know is about you.”

That same lyric holds another indicator that the song is likely about Kardashian. Some pointed out that the line about “your kid comes homes singing” is a reference to Kardashian dancing to Swift’s “Shake It Off” alongside her 10-year-old daughter North in a TikTok video a couple years back.

Throughout the rest of the track, Swift sings about her nemesis “throwing punches” and how she “beat my spirit black and blue.” The song also acknowledges, however, that it’s likely the pop powerhouse would never have reached the heights she has if it wasn’t for her face-off with the aIMee character. If you recall, Swift spoke about these very themes during an interview a few months ago where she discussed the infamous 2016 feud with Kardashian and her then husband Kanye West.

The singer spoke candidly about the mental toll that situation took on her, but also admitted that getting through it helped build a solid foundation for her artistry. However, Swift made it clear on the new song that despite the impact of the ordeal, she won’t be forgiving aIMee anytime soon. She went on to sing the lyrics:

“All that time you were throwing punches, I was buildin’ somethin’ / And I can’t forgive the way you made me feel / Screamed ‘F**k you, Aimee’ to the night sky, as the blood was gushing / But I can’t forget the way you made me heal.”

Kim Kardashian

Reacting to new record, social media users appear conflicted on how to feel. Many of Swift’s fans and general Kardashian critics expressed their delight at the diss. Others seem to feel that Swift should move on from any animosity she holds towards the reality star as the situation happened many years ago.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson