Scooter Braun: “My Wife & Children Have Received Death Threats Because Of Taylor Swift’s Accusations”

Scooter Braun: “My Wife And Children Have Received Death Threats Because Of Taylor Swift’s Accusations”

The Taylor Swift versus Big Machine Records/Scooter Braun saga has reached dangerous territory. This past July, it was announced that executive Scooter Braun had acquired Big Machine Records, in turn securing the rights to most of Taylor Swift’s early catalog. The “You Need to Calm Down” singer resolved to re-record and re-release all of the songs, à la JoJo, to be able to make money off of the songs again.

Taylor Swift

Fast forward to November 15th. Taylor Swift alleged that because Scooter now owns her masters, she was blocked from being able to perform her old hits at the upcoming American Music Awards. Big Machine Records label head Scott Borchetta and Scooter insists that, legally, she is encouraged and within her rights to perform her old songs.

However, when Taylor asked for her fans’ help in spreading awareness about her experience with the two parties, things took a dangerous turn. Scooter Braun recently reveled that he’s received numerous death threats – including phone calls to his home – regarding Taylor. He directed a message to the singer on Instagram:

“@taylorswift Since your public statement last week there have been numerous death threats directed at my family. This morning I spoke out publicly for the first time saying I wouldn’t participate in a social media war. However I came home tonight to find my wife had received a phone call threatening the safety of our children as well as other threats seen above…”

“I assume this was not your intention but it is important that you understand that your words carry a tremendous amount of weight and that your message can be interpreted by some in different ways. While disappointed that you have remained silent after being notified of these ongoing threats, I’m still hopeful we can fix this.”

Will Taylor Swift respond to Scooter Braun’s plea for resolution?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay