Doctors Speak On Dangers Of Getting Dentistry Work Done By Self-Proclaimed Veneer Tech: ‘This Is Highly Illegal’

Doctors Speak On Dangers Of Getting Dentistry Work Done By Self-Proclaimed Veneer Tech: ‘This Is Highly Illegal’

Don’t let your hustle put you behind bars!

The internet is currently going crazy reacting to the rising profession of veneer technicians. And we’re using the term “profession” very loosely as there technically is no legal way to become a veneer tech. Unlike a dentist who earns an actual degree after attending school for years, a veneer tech is given an unofficial certificate after a few days (or hours) of a training course that normally costs between $2,000 and $6,000. As you can imagine, there are countless issues with receiving any type of medical care from someone who is not a doctor, and many medical professionals are using their platforms to urge the public to think twice before booking with a veneer tech.

Speaking out against the “crazy” phenomenon, an orthodontist, who goes by thebentist across his socials, said,

“They are basically tricking other people into thinking that they’re professionals, to go get veneers at a cheaper price. Obviously, there are a slew of problems with this. …One of which, this is highly illegal. Like, seriously federally illegal to be impersonating a person of dental care.”

He added,

“Because newsflash, I don’t know that I need to tell you this but, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. …How did we get here in the United States of America, I’m so confused. We literally couldn’t figure out free health care for so long and now we’re going to backyard Brandy to go ahead and get our veneers and braces and everything else done, it’s wild.


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Another dentist (Just_SmileWi on TikTok) weighed in and said,

“I’m really upsat about all of this because I spent eight years in school to become a dentist and to see people like this misleading people is really hard for me to watch.” 

He added,

“As a dentist or not a dentist, you can not train other people to do dentistry without being in an accredited university with the oversight of a practicing dentist. And to become an accredited program, it takes years and years and a whole lot of money.”


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In addition to the several other doctors who have addressed the dangers of veneer technicians, social media users have also entered the chat, with one person saying,

“I am not trusting someone who has less training than a nail tech”

See more reactions below:

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel