Chrisean Rock Addresses Concerns Over Her Son’s Health & Denies Claims That He’s Blind: ‘Who Is Y’all To Tell Me What He Diagnosed With?’

Chrisean Rock Addresses Concerns Over Her Son’s Health & Denies Claims That He’s Blind: ‘Who Is Y’all To Tell Me What He Diagnosed With?’

Chrisean Rock is tired of the internet doctors.

Recently, famed personality Chrisean Rock took to social media to speak on the comments regarding her son Chrisean Jr.’s health status.

A pregnant Chrisean Rock

She said in a now-viral clip,

“Everybody that got something to say about a kid… my son, Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr. He’s straight. The f*ck? He’s a billion-dollar baby, so stay tuned. Like, no, he’s not blind, no he’s not retarded. He’s a f*cking child. That’s all y’all wanna sit up and talk about.”

Chrisean Rock added:

“My baby’s blessed from the head to his toe. Like, what? Y’all forgot when he got dedicated on the seventh day? Like… what? All I gotta say is God’s glory, God’s glory. All y’all gon’ see is him proving you n*ggas wrong, and that’s all that matters.”

Blueface & son w/Chrisean Rock

She expanded,

“[My] child is blessed. He gon’ be talking, walking, playing football, everything. Who is y’all to tell me what he diagnosed with, and what he look like, and what he sound like? Y’all don’t know nothing about God and y’all don’t know nothing about nothing. If you talking to me like that. So, I rebuke everything y’all saying about my child. To be honest.”


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As you may know, since the birth of Rock’s infant son last year, many have speculated that the youngster may be suffering from a developmental disorder.

Claims of such began shortly after the ‘Baddies’ star’s baby’s father, rapper Blueface, accused her of consuming drugs and alcohol throughout her pregnancy.

Additionally, in August, a clip from her and Blueface’s reality show, ‘Crazy In Love,‘ surfaced, which seemingly showed Rock smoking marijuana while carrying.

After videos of Chrisean Jr. circulated online, users on X (formerly Twitter) began to point out (what most deemed) his unusual cry and analyze his mobility function.

Several then concluded that he could be a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome or cri du chat. Fetal alcohol syndrome is “the wide range of physical, behavioral, and cognitive impairments that occur due to alcohol exposure before birth,” according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Cri du chat is “a rare genetic disorder caused by missing pieces on a particular chromosome.” Some symptoms include “a high-pitched, cat-like cry or weak cry,” and “low birth weight,” according to the Better Health Channel.

An individual wrote on the platform:

People are saying that Chrisean Jr has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome when it’s likely he has a genetic disorder called Cri Du Chat. Chrisean may not be the greatest example of being a mother but people are using it as an excuse to abuse her and her child online.”

Someone else said,

“I could be wrong but Chrisean Jr really seems to have fetal alcohol syndrome.”

Following Rock’s latest message, Instagram accounts flooded the comments under LiveBitez, saying that they felt the now-24-year was in denial of her son’s alleged disability.

Another person remarked:

“She is in denial and probably feels horrible because she is the cause that her son has obvious developmental delays. That is called neglect. He is 7/8 months and he can’t even hold his head, still bobbing like he is 3 months. A 8 month old baby would’ve been grabbing for her plate and food, feeding himself, it seems he can’t even grasp! This is so sad. How about she just keeps him off of social media.”

An additional profile commented,

“He is developmental delayed and if she’s been taking him to the doctor on schedule, there’s no way she hasn’t been told that. So I hope this denial is just for the internet and she’s really not neglecting her child’s health.”

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell