Wendy Williams’ Controversial Lifetime Doc May Have Additional Installments, According To Producers: ‘The Story’s Not Over’

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams’ Controversial Lifetime Doc May Have Additional Installments, According To Producers: ‘The Story’s Not Over’

Producers of the controversial Where’s Wendy Williams docuseries hinted they have more projects in the works.

During a recent interview, producers Mark Ford and Erica Hanson stated they have more of Wendy Williams‘ story to share and claimed to have the full support of her family.

Wendy Williams

Reportedly, Ford and Hanson were attending an event where an interviewer asked them about the famed TV host’s startling docuseries, to which Ford stated:

“The story’s not over. I could say that much…We’ve continued to be in touch with [the family] and they’re very supportive of the project.”

He added:

“I think, you know, this isn’t the end of this story. There’ll be more…I don’t think the world has seen the last of Wendy Williams.”

Mark Ford, Erica Hanson

If you recall, the docuseries drew much criticism following its release in February as many felt it was inappropriate to showcase Wendy Williams in such a vulnerable way. The 4-part project gave an inside look at the many issues the 59-year-old has been dealing with in recent years, including losing her eponymous talk series, being given a court-ordered guardian to control her finances, health complications (including a dementia diagnosis), as well as battling alcohol addiction.

Explaining their reasoning for backing the project, Ford and Hanson explained that they, along with Williams and her son Kevin Hunter Jr., hoped it would be an opportunity for Williams to “tell her story so honestly and truthfully” and be a “catalyst for change.” Addressing the backlash, they added:

“This is not an easy story to watch or to tell. But hopefully we did it truthfully, with integrity and sensitively.”

Wendy Williams

Elsewhere in the interview, the co-producers relished the thought of the docuseries being awarded an Emmy and shared what they felt it would mean to Williams herself. Hanson stated:

“Oh, that would mean, I think, the world. Not only to us, but to Wendy…I can’t even imagine the impact that would have on her.”

While Ford added:

“It would be an amazing tribute to Wendy to get an Emmy nomination for something she was an executive producer on that allowed her to tell her story.”

Wendy Williams

The producers also shared that they have not been in touch with Williams since the doc was released. They did state, however, that she’s allegedly seen the series, and “People who are close to her” said, “She’s fine with it.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson