Wendy Williams’ Brother Tommy Claims Controversial Lifetime Doc Didn’t Exploit TV Host But Helped Shed Light On A Serious Situation

Tommy Williams, Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams’ Brother Tommy Claims Controversial Lifetime Doc Didn’t Exploit TV Host But Helped Shed Light On A Serious Situation

Not everyone disapproves of the controversial Where’s Wendy Williams docuseries.

The famed media personality’s brother recently offered his support of the project, seemingly arguing that it allowed for a much-needed conversation about struggles many people may face.

Tommy Williams

Wendy Williams‘ brother Tommy Williams gave his thoughts about the project during a recent interview, where he reportedly stated:

“I don’t think it was Wendy that was exploited…I believe it was the situation that’s being exploited and if sharing Wendy’s situation is opening things up, well, then that’s the delivery and intention.”

He continued:

“the whole intent was to open things up.”

As we’ve been covering, the two-part docuseries garnered widespread backlash following its release on February 24th and 25th, as many feel that Williams, 59, was taken advantage of amid her health crisis. The documentary was originally meant to chronicle the TV host’s comeback following the cancellation of her eponymous talk series. However, the project quickly shifted into something else, showcasing an extremely vulnerable Williams as she deals with mental decline due to dementia, several physical ailments, as well as an alcohol addiction.

Williams‘ court-appointed guardian, who has held control of the celeb’s finances since Wells Fargo deemed her incapable of making financial decisions in 2022, filed suit against Lifetime before the doc was released. She argued that Williams‘ would have never agreed to the project if she was in her right mind, and claimed that producers misled the celebrity about how she’d be portrayed. Ultimately, her guardian was unsuccessful in her attempt to keep the doc from coming out.

Williams‘ brother, however, said that he accepts the intentions behind the documentary, insisting that his sister is doing much better in its aftermath, but desperately wants her under the care of family members. Several of Williams‘ family members have claimed they haven’t had immediate access to the entertainer or the facility where she’s being treated. Tommy spoke about the matter later in the interview, stating:

“We can have her under watch down here [in Miami]. There are plenty of facilities.”

Tommy & Wendy Williams

He added:

“We have that medicine that those places won’t be able to supply her with…And not only that, we also have places down here that could do the same thing as whatever is going on up there and that’s the travesty of it all.”

There have been no updates shared regarding the status of Williams‘ health at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson