Wendy Williams’ Ex Kevin Hunter Accuses Her Guardian Of Stealing Her Money

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter, Sabrina Morrissey

Wendy Williams’ Ex Kevin Hunter Accuses Her Guardian Of Stealing Her Money: ‘This Has Become A Real Travesty’

Kevin Hunter recently suggested that something fishy is going on with his ex wife Wendy Williams‘ financial guardianship.

The TV producer accused the media maven’s court ordered guardian of illegally pocketing extra money, which he argues is the reason she keeps fighting his request to see financial records.

Kevin Hunter

Reportedly, Kevin Hunter made the claim during a recent hearing about the alimony payments he’s hoping to collect again. He told the judge that he believes Wendy Williams‘ guardian Sabrina Morrissey won’t disclose her client’s financial statements because she’s been skimming off the top. He stated:

“Ms. Morrissey has given me no reason for stopping the payments. If Ms. Morrissey had tried to modify the records, that would be different,”

He added:

“I’m not just concerned about the money; she’s come in and swooped in and depleted the account in that time…This has become a real travesty.”

In case you’re unfamiliar, Kevin Hunter is currently fighting to have his divorce settlement checks from Wendy Williams resumed after they were cut off back in 2022. In response Sabrina Morrissey, who became the TV host’s guardian following her dementia diagnosis that same year, argues that Kevin Hunter isn’t legally entitled to any more money because her client’s income has fell below the agreed upon amount. She additionally argued that Hunter was actually over paid, and should return any extra he’s been paid out.

However, it seems that Hunter has not been able to confirm Sabrina Morrissey’s claims for himself, because she’s continued to refuse him access to Williams‘ financial statements. The presiding court judge recently ruled, however, that Morrissey’s actions have been unreasonable. The court official told Morrissey that she must hand over the requested documents, stating:

“I know this is a difficult case for a lot of different reasons…but Mr. Hunter needs discovery…People won’t settle if they don’t have all the info, so I don’t know why they don’t have information,” 

Morrissey claimed that it’s “very difficult to put out stuff that’s supposed to be private,” but it seems the judge wasn’t moved. Hunter went on to make more suggestive speculations about why Williams allegedly doesn’t have any money, despite reportedly being paid a pretty penny recently for her controversial Lifetime documentary.

He stated:

“Whatever she signed made $500,000 plus. Meanwhile, Ms. Morrissey is telling me there is no money, but everyone’s wearing all the finest in the production…She’s clearly very in tune with production as she’s been signing off on it,”

Disregarding the remark, however, the court judge reportedly ruled that Morrissey must hand over the financial documents and that any further issues should be hashed out in arbitration.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson