Wendy Williams Lifetime Doc Producers Were ‘Worried’ About TV Host’s Living Conditions While Filming 

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Lifetime Doc Producers Were ‘Worried’ About TV Host’s Living Conditions While Filming

The producers of Lifetime’s controversial Wendy Williams documentary, Where is Wendy Williams, have expressed concerns about the TV host receiving proper care under her guardianship.

During a recent panel discussion held in Hollywood, executive producers of the docuseries, Mark Ford and Erica Hanson, spoke on the alleged unsettling circumstances Wendy Williams was living under during production. The producers mentioned that the 59-year-old lived alone without food in her refrigerator. They also alluded she’s being kept away from her loved ones.

Wendy Williams

You may recall, the 4.5-hour project faced backlash following its release in February as many felt it was inappropriate to showcase the TV personality in such a vulnerable state with a serious medical condition. That same month, it was announced that Wendy Williams was diagnosed with dementia some time last year.

In early 2022, Williams was placed under a conservatorship after Wells Fargo froze her accounts following her financial adviser at the time claiming she was of “unsound mind.”

Wendy Williams

Speaking on what he witnessed, Ford expressed,

“Towards the end of the documentary, [we] were very, very worried and saying to her management, who was the only other person that was coming into her apartment on a daily basis, ‘Something has to be done to help her, this is getting very dire and scary.’”

Mark Ford, Erica Hanson

Ford went on to claim that the producers were not informed of Williams’ medical diagnosis.

He continued,

“The deeper we got into it, we didn’t want to let go of Wendy until we got her back in touch with her family. Because we felt that at a certain point that’s who’s going to be there for her to care for her.”

In addition to the producers believing Williams was not receiving adequate care, Ford said the entertainer’s legal and financial guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, was “not responding to any kind of calls for help.” While Sabrina Morrissey has yet to respond to the allegations, she did previously file a lawsuit to prevent the Lifetime project from being aired.

Wendy Williams, Sabrina Morrissey

In her complaint, she slammed the docuseries and claimed it “shamelessly exploits [Williams] and portrays her in an extremely demeaning and undignified manner.” Sabrina Morrissey also said that the talk show host “did not have the capacity to consent” to the doc. On top of that, she alleged she was not asked for her consent from producers as Williams’ court-appointed guardian to produce the project.

A judge ultimately ruled the doc would air.

Wendy Williams

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely