Update: Porsha Williams Files Emergency Order Demanding Permission To Film For ‘RHOA’ In Marital Home Amid Simon Guobadia Divorce

Update: Porsha Williams Files Emergency Order Demanding Permission To Film For ‘RHOA’ In Marital Home Amid Simon Guobadia Divorce

Update #2: (May 21, 2024): The battle over cameras being allowed in Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia’s marital home continues.

As previously reported, Simon has been doing his best to keep the marital home once shared with Porsha out of the spotlight. In March he even sent a cease-and-desist letter to the production company behind RHOA, True Entertainment, demanding that all filming at the Georgia home stop amid their divorce proceedings.

However, at that time, an insider claimed filming for season 16 hadn’t even started. Fast forward to today (May 21) and the cameras are rolling and Porsha is fighting to capture all the details of her life.

According to a report from RadarOnline, the reality TV star filed an emergency order seeking the right to film in the home as it is “vital to her ability to sustain her income and employment.”

The filing continued,

“There is no logical or rational reason as to why Husband now seeks to prohibit Wife from filming at the marital residence, other than in an attempt to retaliate against Wife and intentionally restrict her ability to earn a living and expand her career.”

Reportedly, Porsha was recently awarded possession and “sole, exclusive use” of their marital residence, however, Simon is still giving her legal pushback, which has created issues for RHOA production.

Porsha’s filing also noted,

“To prevent Wife from filming her day-to-day activities and lifestyle in the residence to which she has exclusive possession, use, and occupancy is neither reasonable, nor fair to Wife, as it essentially restricts her ability to earn a living, and impedes her ability to provide a realistic view into her life, which is necessary and vital to be a successful reality TV personality.”

She wants the court to allow her to “film or produce television, film or social media or other visual content in or around the marital residence.”

Update #1: (Mar. 28, 2024): Simon Guobadia is serious about keeping Porsha Williams and things related to the TV star away from the home they once shared.

According to a report from Page Six, the Nigerian businessman sent a cease-and-desist letter to True Entertainment, the production company behind “RHOA,” ordering all filming at the Georgia residence stop amid the divorce proceedings.

According to the document, Simon is the sole owner of the property, and he,

“does not consent to the release, disclosure or publication of any photograph of the property, nor does he consent to the taping, filming or recording of the property, including any aspects of any activity in or about the property.”

The letter continued,

“Failure to comply with the requests herein will result in Mr. Guobadia taking legal action accordingly.”

An insider told the publication that filming has not taken place at the home for the upcoming 16th season. However, it’s said Simon still included a copy of the deed to the house as evidence his ex has no control over what happens on the property.

Reportedly, he purchased the $7 million residence in 2021, before marrying Porsha. We recently reported he filed for a restraining order to keep the socialite away. However, Porsha has argued their prenup included a clause that stated in the event of divorce, Simon would leave the property within 30 days of filing.


Original Story: (Mar. 28, 2024): Reality star Porsha Williams’ estranged husband says her “unstable” behaviors have gone too far.

In a recent court motion, Simon Guobadia doubled down on his request for a restraining order against his estranged wife, and added his family members to the request as well, alleging the TV star hasn’t stopped “threatening” and “harassing’ them.

According to a report from RadarOnline, court documents reveal that Simon Guobadia, 59, wrote in the motion that Porsha Williams, 42, violated a court order the two have in place since February 22nd, requiring them not to cause harm to each other amid their ongoing divorce. His lawyers reportedly wrote about the Real Housewives star:

“Wife has intentionally violated the Standing Order by maltreating, vilifying, threatening, molesting, and harassing the Husband, the family/children, and house staff of Husband,” 

Porsha Williams


“Unfortunately, the Wife has had no respect or regard to the court and this judicial process and thus, has relegated to self-help by taking matters into her own hands. Therefore, it is necessary to have this court intervene.”

Guobadia also claimed that Williams has even gone as far as “harassing” his family members by having people call their house relentlessly in an effort to run them out of the ex-couple’s marital home. His attorney continued in the motion:

“Wife has been directing third parties to call and harass individuals at the Marital Residence in an effort to force them out of the home without any regard for order and due process through the legal system,”

As we previously reported, Guobadia first filed the restraining order request after Williams allegedly showed up at the Georgia mansion they shared with armed security. The Bravo star has purportedly been fighting to maintain residence of the home, despite Guobadia purchasing it before their 2022 nuptials. Williams claimed their prenup included a clause that stated in the event of divorce, the husband would vacate their marital property within 30 days of filing. It appears Williams hired the armed security suspecting that Guobadia wouldn’t leave the property easily.

However, Guobadia rebutted that he wouldn’t be moving him or his children from the property until they settled the divorce. In the recent motion, the Nigeria native went on to claim that he and his family are gravely concerned for their safety due to Williams’ behavior, adding:

“Since the filing of the instant divorce, Wife’s actions have been erratic, unstable, threatening, and harassing to Petitioner, the house staff, and the minor children…Wife’s behavior has caused safety concerns, especially since there are minor children— Husband’s children—currently living in the Marital Residence.”

Simon Guobadia, Porsha Williams & Guobadia’s children

It has not been reported that a court judge has ruled on the matter at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson