Angel Reese Reacts To Criticism Over Her WNBA Salary: ‘I Play Because I Genuinely Love Basketball’

Angel Reese

Angel Reese Reacts To Criticism Over Her WNBA Salary: ‘I Play Because I Genuinely Love Basketball’

Update #3 (May 27, 2024): Angel Reese has a message for anyone concerned about her WNBA salary. The Chicago Sky rookie, 22, spoke out amid reports that she landed a four-year deal valued at $343,000.

She told ESPN’s Michele Steele during a recent interview,

“I mean, obviously, people thought me leaving college–I would take a huge pay gap and pay drop. I wasn’t getting paid in college, so that check that I do get here is a bonus. I mean, being able to play for what, four to five months, and get $75,000 on top of the other endorsements that I’m doing, I think it’s a plus for me.”

She added,

“I mean, I play the game I love, not for the money, I play because I love basketball and genuinely love basketball. And now that I’m a pro and being able to continue to work with these brands long term, I think that’s something people don’t really realize.”

Angel Reese, who has deals with companies like Reebok and is an owner of women’s pro soccer DC Power FC team, added that many of her counterparts have also secured lucrative brand deals.

“I love that the brands want to work with us and continue to want to work with us. I want people to know the deals don’t stop in college when you go to the pros, they continue, and I feel like they’ve even grown even more.”

Update #2 (April 16, 2024): Angel Reese is officially going pro. The former LSU star was selected by the Chicago Sky as the No. 7 overall pick during the 2024 WNBA Draft in New York City on Monday (April 15).

Shortly after, Sportrac shared what is said to be details of her four-year contract with the league.

Per a message posted on X (formerly Twitter), Angel Reese will make a total of $324, 383. In year one (2024), she’ll reportedly bring in $73,439, and then $74, 909, $82, 399, and $93, 636 in 2025, 2026, and 2027 (which is an option year) respectively.

Many responded to Sportrac’s post criticizing how much her salary will be as a pro baller. See a few reactions below.

Update #1 (April 3, 2024): Angel Reese is ready for the WNBA. The star college athlete has announced that she is entering the draft, forgoing her final year of eligibility at Louisiana State University.

She said in a video interview with Vogue

“I’ve done everything I wanted to in college. I’ve won a national championship, I’ve gotten [Southeastern Conference] Player of the Year, I’ve been an All-American. My ultimate goal is to be a pro — and to be one of the greatest basketball players to play, ever. I feel like I’m ready.”

Angel Reese’s statement came just hours before the deadline to renounce her eligibility for LSU and declare that she wanted to be included in the draft.

The draft is scheduled for April 15.

Original Story (April 2, 2024): Angel Reese couldn’t hold back tears as she opened up about how fame has impacted her life.

The Louisiana State University forward shared a few words after her team lost to Iowa 87-94 in the Elite Eight game for the women’s NCAA March Madness basketball tournament on Monday night (April 1).

Flau’Jae Johnson, Angel Reese, Hailey Van Lith

Angel Reese was thrust into the spotlight after she and the LSU Tigers won the championship last year. Speaking on criticism she’s received since then, the forward said in a press conference,

“I just try to stand strong. I’ve been through so much. I’ve seen so much, I’ve been attacked so many times. Death threats, I’ve been sexualized, I’ve been threatened, I’ve been so many things and I’ve stood strong every single time.”

She continued,

“I just try to stand strong for my teammates ’cause I don’t want them to see me down and not be there for them so, I just want them to always know I’m still human. All this has happened since I won the national championship …  I haven’t had peace since then.”

She said although “it sucks,” she “still wouldn’t change anything.”

“I would still sit here and say I’m unapologetically me. I’m gonna always leave that mark and be who I am and stand on that.”

The athlete ended with a message for little girls who look up to her:

“Keep being who you are, keep waking up every day, keep being motivated, staying who you are, staying 10 toes, don’t back down, just be confident.”

Also during the press conference, her teammate Flau’Jae Johnson and Hailey Van Lith defended Angel, bringing her to tears.

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