Sean Kingston Accused Of Stealing Jewelry, Facing Grand Theft Charges

Sean Kingston Accused Of Stealing Jewelry, Facing Grand Theft Charges

Sean Kingston has been accused of stealing luxury jewelry and could spend time in jail for it.

According to new reports, the singer is facing grand theft charges for allegedly not paying for jewelry that was delivered to him. He’s not into too much trouble because while there’s a warrant for his arrest, police are reportedly not pressed about tracking him down. He could get up to three years behind bars if he’s found guilty.

This isn’t the first time he’s been accused of lifting in jewelry. Back in 2018, a jeweler accused him of skipping out on his bill. Atlanta jeweler AP took to Instagram to air out his grievances. He wrote in a post that has since been deleted:

“Somebody tell this fat jelly roll eating scared To come out of his house cuz @losangelesconfidential might see him … I’m looking for him. He ran off on me like he always do but only difference is I’m not one of them Jewish jewelers who playing with they daddy and mommy money ima self made street dude.”

He continued:

“I’m not calling cops or taking you to court. I’m going to the streets somewhere where you scared to be. Lol his momma more Gangsta then him… Anyways where you @ seany boy we at your neck I got a nice reward for his location. Get at me !!! Your cake about to crumble #GetTheStrap #100k #TimeToExposeThisClown #SeanKingston #PestControl #Jamaica #BrokeRappersProblems #YouCantHideForeverPussyBoy #CheckMate”

Earlier that year, the JasmineBRAND exclusively reported that a Florida judge dropped a warrant for his arrest, also stemming from an alleged jewelry theft. The judge granted his motion to dismiss the warrant, but Sean Kingston still had to appear for a deposition so the jeweler could question him via a deposition.

Kingston was sued by the jeweler who accused him of owing $44k. They alleged that he did not pay for items loaned to him, including a Rolex. He never appeared in court and a default judgment was entered in the amount of $314,138.22.

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