Toosii Seemingly Claims ‘Fame’ Made Him Cheat On His Girlfriend, Rapper Taking Social Media Break To ‘Clear His Head’ 

Toosii Seemingly Claims ‘Fame’ Made Him Cheat On His Girlfriend, Rapper Taking Social Media Break To ‘Clear His Head’ 

It seems like rapper Toosii is learning the hard way that everything that comes with fame isn’t good for you!

Yesterday (Sept. 28), Toosii (born Nau’Jour Grainger) lashed out on social media, seemingly blaming his fame for his infidelity and the state of his mental health. the “Love Is…” rapper shared a series of posts airing out his frustrations — including his mixed feelings towards the music business and his mental health struggles.

Although Toosii just released a brand new single, “Heartaches,” and appeared to be on the path to healing, his latest social media rant left people wondering if he was okay. During his confessions, Toosii shared:

“I went a whole year without dropping a project battling problems with my mental health and just trying to learn to be the best person I can for the people I love and myself.”

Toosii also revealed that he cheated on his girlfriend/mother of his 5-month-old son, Samaria. The 22-year-old rapper blamed his infidelity on “fame,” pointing fingers at his fan pages for shifting focus from his music.

Toosii said in an Instagram video:

“That’s why I stepped away from posting my relationship and having a relationship broadcasted on the Internet, simply because that sh*t was taking over everything that I do, and at the end of the day, I make music. When y’all think of me, I want y’all to think of the music. I just want to be an artist. I really [wish] the fan pages would take the pages down or switch them to me. My hashtag Toosii used to be nothing but my music. You go to my hashtags now, it’s dead *ss me and her. I don’t like that sh*t.”

Toosii followed up on his Instagram stories with a lengthy post that directly addressed his young son (among other things). Citing the pressures of the world, he doubled down on the fact that he has nothing but pure intentions toward Samaria.

In part, Toosii said:

“I love your mom and she know that. My intentions pure, but the world paint a f****d up picture bout a n**** like I’m suppose to be perfrect. F*** the fame, I’m out.”

Toosii also shared cryptic messages on his Twitter page.

He then uploaded a clip of an unreleased track, “City of Love,” paired with an emotional quote. 




While Samaria hasn’t commented on the allegations, it seems that the events of the last few days have taken a toll on Toosii. A post on his Instagram page revealed that he’ll be off social media indefinitely, taking some much-needed time to clear his head.

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Authored by: Sasha Lee