Fans Convinced Sterling K. Brown Really Doesn’t Like Jennifer Lopez After He Pokes Fun Of Her During Interviews: ‘Are You Puerto Rican? Get Out Of Here’

Sterling K Brown, Jennifer Lopez

Sterling K Brown, Jennifer Lopez

Fans Convinced Sterling K. Brown Really Doesn’t Like Jennifer Lopez After He Pokes Fun Of Her During Interviews: ‘Are You Puerto Rican? Get Out Of Here’

Sterling K. Brown appears to be giving “that’s my co-worker, not my friend” vibes with Jennifer Lopez.

Some social media users are convinced that the This Is Us alum, 48, is not a fan of Jennifer Lopez in real life.

The two have been promoting their latest Netflix action film, Atlas, along with co-star Simu Liu, and a few interactions and comments between Sterling K Brown and Jennifer Lopez have the internet doing a little investigating of their own.

In one interview, Simu Liu, 35, impressed both Lopez, 54, and Sterling K. Brown when he started speaking Spanish. Brown began interacting in Spanish with him as Lopez confessed that she’s often “shamed” by the two because she doesn’t speak the language as fluently.

At one point in the chat, Lopez is trying to explain something in Spanish and asks the interviewer for a word that means “depict.”

Brown, who is standing nearby, interjects with,


Lopez is clearly taken aback as she turns to Brown and questions,


To which he explains means,

“To show…”

He then shrugged his shoulders, continued dancing to the music, and chimed in in Spanish as Lopez continued her statement.

In a separate interview, the trio details their go-to comfort meal. Lopez explains,

“I grew up, I’m Puerto Rican so I like rice and beans…”

A seemingly surprised Brown asks,

“Are you Puerto Rican? Get out of here.”

She quips,

“Yes, I am.”


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It’s not clear if Brown is just poking fun at his co-star, but he did confess in an interview that she unknowingly caused him and his now-wife Ryan Michelle Bathe to break up for over three years.

He revealed he and Ryan Michelle Bathe were dating when Lopez’s first music video premiered on MTV. He said he was a “big J. Lo fan,” and was watching the debut with Ryan Michelle Bathe, who was his girlfriend at the time.

“My girlfriend, now wife, was watching me watch the video, and I was like I feel her eyes on me, so I’m trying not to have reaction to it. So I don’t blink and I’m just watching trying to be cool. And then my eyes start to water and she goes, ‘You crying over J. Lo?'”

He confessed,

“I should’ve changed the channel.”

Asked if a J. Lo song ultimately reunited him and Bathe, whom he married in 2007, he blurted out,

“No, God!”

Adding fuel to the speculation of tension between Lopez and Brown, one social media user, @MissSassBox on X, pointed out that although Lopez is following Brown on Instagram, he’s not following her, but he follows Simu Liu. She also noted that Brown has been promoting This Is Us material on social media, instead of posting content for Atlas.

Still, Lopez fans have insisted that all is well between the co-stars.

See more fans weigh in below:


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