Tyler Perry’s “A Fall From Grace” Was Filmed In 5 Days [WATCH]

Tyler Perry’s ‘A Fall From Grace’ Cast Says The Movie Was Taped In 5 Days [WATCH]

Tyler Perry’s first Netflix film A Fall From Grace made its big debut Friday (Jan. 17). But who knew the intense drama was all taped in less than a week? While most movies take months to film to perfection, Tyler Perry’s cast was able to wrap within five days.

Stars Bresha Webb, who plays a public defender trying to get her client, played by “Haves & Have Nots” star Crystal Fox cleared on murder charges, spoke with People NOW, along with iconic actress Phylicia Rashad. 

When asked how they were able to keep things light with such a dark movie, Bresha Webbe explained,

“We did this movie in five days, so we really didn’t have time to just like.. I had fun, we all have fun every time we’re on set together.”

They joked that they barely had time to say their hellos before Tyler Perry was calling out “Action!”

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry certainly isn’t playing around with his craft. He just revealed earlier this month that he also writes all of his shows.

He also had a response to his critics who took issue with him penning the shows solo.

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